Georgia Attorney Arrested, Jailed In Stand Your Ground Case

Attorney Francys Johnson, legal counsel for Marc Wilson, was held in contempt and arrested by Judge Michael Muldrew

Photos: Wikimedia Commons\University Of Georgia

Statesboro, GA–Attorney Francys Johnson, legal counsel for Marc Wilson, was held in contempt and arrested by Judge Michael Muldrew after the defense team raised objections to ex-parte communication being shared between the prosecutor and the Court.

He stayed in custody for over six hours until the Court ordered him released. As a result, the Just Georgia Coalition is demanding that Judge Muldrew be removed from this case immediately.

Before the immunity hearing adjourned for lunch for the second day of witness testimony at the Bulloch County Judicial Annex in Statesboro, GA, Wilson’s legal team objected to an ex-parte review in which the State improperly gave emails to Judge Muldrew the previous afternoon that were sent to Marc while he was in custody that were not first shared with the defense legal team.

What was supposed to be submitted to Judge Muldrew were school records that were subpoenaed by the defense. If the District Attorney gave this information in honest error, both the Court and the prosecutor had a duty to promptly notify the court and all parties.

“Mistakes understandably happen,” stated James Woodall, Co-Convener of the JustGeorgia Coalition and Public Policy Associate at the Southern Center for Human Rights. “Unfortunately neither party provided such notification, not until they were prompted by Attorney Johnson upon objection and as a result, this case can no longer be considered fair nor judicious,” Woodall continued.

The decision to retain undisclosed and improper communications between the Court and the prosecutor all night without disclosure to all parties to the case is an egregious violation of due process and reaffirms our belief that Marc Wilson has not been, and will not be, able to receive a fair trial.

This is not the first time in this case in which Marc’s rights to a fair trial has been likely jeopardized as the prosecutor supposedly released the entire police narrative to the AJC, information that prejudices Marc Wilson prior to any trying of the case. Judge Muldrew has not even issued an order on Marc’s motion for bond reconsideration, and as a result has been sitting in pre-trial detention for over 460 days awaiting his day in court.

Judge Muldrew has demonstrated that he is unable to be impartial.

This court’s demonstrated inability to be fair and equitable in its due process and application of the law is consistent with calls for accountability in South Georgia as people are subjected to systemic discrimination in the name of judicial discretion. As Marc continues to await his day for a fair trial in this impartial legal system, we are asking all to continue to amplify this call to support these efforts to support the legal team and the more broader call for attention to the miscarriage of justice all over Georgia, especially in South Georgia.

To support Marc’s Legal Defense click here.

The legal team for Marc Wilson includes Francys Johnson, Esq., Mawuli Davis, Esq., Martha Hall, Esq., Gary Spencer , Esq., and Nefertara Clark, Esq.

JustGeorgia a collective of Georgia organizations, activists, faith leaders, attorneys and justice-seeking community members that was founded after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Led by NAACP Georgia and the Southern Center for Human rights, the JustGeorgia Coalition formed as a mechanism to move local and statewide demands, direct national organizations, and strengthen social movements in Southeast Georgia and throughout the state. The goal of the coalition is to have its’ contributions better equip Georgians to respond to the multiple systemic ills inflicting violence on our communities on a daily basis.

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