George Floyd: 150 Minneapolis Officers File for PTSD Disability Claims

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BSN: “Shockingly, these officers claim their supposed PTSD has been brought on by the police protests that occured after Floyd’s murder.”
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Some 150 police officers from the Minneapolis Police Department say they are suffering from PTSD–because of George Floyd protests.

Shockingly, these officers claim their supposed PTSD has been brought on by the police protests that have occured since Floyd’s murder. Reportedly, they are calling it “duty disability.”

According to the Washington Post, these officers have obtained the services of personal injury attorney Ron Meuser Jr.

The Post states: “Half of those officers are no longer on the job because they have exhibited symptoms of PTSD, according to Ron Meuser Jr., a Twin Cities personal injury attorney who is representing the officers. The other half likely will quit working in coming days as they formalize disability claims with the city, Meuser said Friday. ‘While law enforcement is a high-stress career, the last two months in Minneapolis have pushed many officers to their breaking point,’ Meuser said. The officers say the protests — which came in response to Floyd’s death during a police encounter, when an officer pressed down on top of him while he pleaded for help and said he couldn’t breathe — have deeply affected them.”

According to Meuser, “In the last six weeks, over 150 police officers have started the process of filing physical and mental disability claims, the majority of which encompass officers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is an astronomical number of people given there are approximately 850 officers within the Minneapolis Police Department,” Meuser said.

Meuser claims the officers have reached “their breaking point.”

It remains to be seen how these officers claims of suffering from PTSD, because of the George Floyd protests, will be handled by authorities in Minneapolis.



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