Gennady Golovkin, The Destroyer, Crushed Matthew Macklin

Without a doubt the literal translation of W.B.A./I.B.O. Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin’s “3-G” nickname, has to be, “Going, Going, Gone”, because of the rapid and brutal manner in which he knocked out the number 1 contender for his crowns, Matthew “Mack The Knife” Macklin with a vicious left hook to the liver  at 1 minute-22 seconds of the third round.

This was probably veteran referee, Eddie Cotton’s easiest officiating duty. This rapid fire destruction of Macklin occurred on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at the M.G.M. Grand Theater at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

During all of the press conferences it was noted that this was Golovkin’s toughest test of his ring career since he had indeed fought good but relatively unknown non-challenging fighters such as, Gabriel Rosado who he knocked out in 7 rounds, Nobuhiro Ishida, k.o.’d in 3 rounds, and Simon LaJuan in 1 round.

Many forgot that Golovkin was a Silver Medal Olympian with 345 victories and only 5 defeats as an amateur.

In fighting Macklin who fought the best in the middleweight division such as Felix Strum, while losing a very controversial decision that many felt he had won, and also knocked out Joachim Alcine in 1 round in Canada, and in a losing effort battling Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, including knocking him down, before being stopped in the 11th round, many thought that this was the end of Gennady’s undefeated streak. What a fistic shock this was because we forgot that 3-GGG, had k.o.’d 13 straight opponents possessing a number 1 rating of an 88.5 knockout percentage.

From the very first round Macklin, 29-5, 20 knockouts, rushed Gennady Golovkin, 26-0, 23 k.o.’s, in a tentative but aggressive manner trying to force a toe-to-toe fight but Golovkin remained calm measuring his options on how to reach and punish Macklin. In the middle of the first round Golovkin began to hurt him; almost knocking him down. From then on it was only a matter of time as to when the fight would end since Macklin was missing with his punches and those that connected were not hurting Golovkin, as the champ was hurting him with head and body punches.

By the third round Macklin was already cut over both eyes and in an exchange of punches and as he was leaning on the ropes for support. Macklin was hit with a vicious left hook to the liver paralyzing him as he dropped to the canvas in severe pain unable to get up as Referee Cotton counted to 10.

So the biggest threat to Gennady “3-GGG” Golovkin was really no threat at all but a “stay-busy” fight highlighting the fact that he is indeed the best middleweight around today and a real threat to the “pound for pound” best middleweight in the world today, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez.

As to when Martinez and Golovkin will fight is a big question since Martinez is injury-prone having suffered 2 broken bones in his classic fight with Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. last year and this year he again broke a bone while defending his title in his home country, Argentina, against Martin Murray who actually almost beat him.

So quiet little, nerdy-looking Gennady would just have to keep busy fighting opponents who “dare” to challenge him while awaiting Martinez’ return from the “disabled” list since he stated that he will take the rest of the year off in hopes of returning to ring combat in 2014. We just have to be patient I guess, for perhaps the best middleweight fight of the year, if it ever happens.

What does a fighter winning a fight has to do to get a fair decision in his favor besides knocking his opponent out and hoping that the referee could count to 10? The semi-final fight was “mis-officiated” by judges who probably need “seeing-eye” dogs.

Super Middleweight Brandon “Flawless” Gonzalez, 17-0, 10 knockouts a relative unknown fighter fought and decisively defeated-as I saw it- Thomas “Tommy Gun” Oosthuizen, I.B.O. Super Middleweight Titlist from South Africa, and all that the judges could come up with was a draw decision which was booed loudly and decisively by the disappointed fans.

Gonzalez won at least 6 “clean” rounds as the other 4 were close with Oosthuizen winning perhaps 2 or 3 of the last rounds. That decision just allowed Oosthuizen to remain undefeated.
Where is the justice?




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