Fulani Urges Thompson To Back Carrion’s Independence Party Mayoral Bid


Thompson: which direction?


September 12, 2013

William C. Thompson

Bill Thompson for Mayor

349 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Dear Bill,

I’m reaching out in response to the results of the Democratic Party primary. I know you are considering your options at this time and that you are under a lot of pressure to fold your campaign and to do “what’s good for the Democratic Party” as one of your supporters said.

It’s that issue that prompts me to write.

I am a political independent and a leader of the New York City Independence Party. My investment in independent politics grows out of the fact that I believe that progressives and the communities of color have been repeatedly asked to do what is best for the Democratic Party, rather than what is best for us, for the poor and for social progress.

The Democratic Party has, at best, a very mixed record in addressing these concerns. Our poor communities are poorer than ever, the education system is unable to educate and the political system incites divisions between the rich, the middle class and the poor at a time when we need to bring these communities together.

I am personally proud of the success I have had in this regard in the youth development programs I’ve created.

Personally I hold both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party responsible for the deteriorating conditions in our communities.

For me, it is not a tale of two cities as much as it is a tale of two parties.

As you know, the Independence Party gave our line to Adolfo Carrion in this year’s mayoral race. Adolfo Carrion left the Democratic Party to become an independent for many of the reasons cited above.

He and I both believe that New York City needs a new progressive coalition that is independent, multiracial, multi-strata and multigenerational. We believe the old progressivism, driven by the “usual players,” cannot meet the challenges the City faces.

I invite you to join with us in building that new progressive coalition by supporting Adolfo Carrion for mayor.

I know that supporting the Independence Party candidate for mayor was not a part of your original playbook, but the future of our city cannot be reduced to the future of the Democratic Party.

We need an independent mayor and an independent movement for all New Yorkers.

Bill, I hope you will seriously consider this invitation.


Lenora Fulani


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