Friday: Urban Movie Channel (UMCtv) Presents “The Man Who Mends Women” Documentary


Urban Movie Channel Picks Up Thierry Michel’s and Colette Braekman’s Must-See Portrait Documentary of Doctor Denis Mukwege “The Man Who Mends Women” and Jeryl Prescott Sales Drama Stand Down Soldier for a May release.

A sensitive yet impactful film that sheds light on the atrocities committed against women throughout the long-running conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “The Man Who Mends Women” premieres exclusively on UMC on Friday, May 19, 2017.

The documentary tells the story of Doctor Mukwege, internationally known as the man who mends thousands of women who have been raped during the 20 years of conflicts in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

His endless struggle to put an end to these atrocities and denounce the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators is not welcome and at the end of 2012, the Doctor was the target of an attempt on his life – which he miraculously survived.

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