“Free Uganda”: A New Blue Print For Uganda’s Liberation


General Museveni

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The planning of the Launch activities for Free Uganda, the new unifying platform for the liberation of Uganda, is in full gear.

Extensive planning meetings and consultations are going on between the many different forces, political organizations and individuals, who have decided to pull their efforts together in the struggle to free Uganda from the corrupt, repressive and anti-developmental dictatorship of Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

In good time, the People of Uganda and the community of nations will be invited to be witnesses to the historic occasion of the official Launch of Free Uganda.

This momentous occasion is being awaited by all Ugandan citizens and friends of Uganda with great anticipation and a clear sense of optimism that at long last Uganda is to be liberated from a vicious dictatorship that is hell bent on turning the East African nation into a failed state.

Mr. Museveni’s corruption-ridden autocratic rule has reduced Uganda into a wasted nation, whose citizens are denied their basic constitutional rights and freedoms, while being transformed into poverty-stricken destitutes.

All this, as Museveni and his close relatives continue to ransack the country of its natural resources and to empty the nation’s coffers, draining all the financial resources for purposes of an exclusive posh and sumptuous living for the few.

As they buy new multi-million dollar family jets, Mercedes Benzes and the latest Porsche automobiles from abroad, the people are left wallowing in dire poverty, and suffering as a result of unpaid salaries, poor or absent medical and social care provisions, collapsing primary and higher education systems, not tom mention the huge increases in taxes, even on most essential things like water and kerosene.

The establishment of Free Uganda, as the unifying platform for all patriotic and freedom-seeking Ugandans is being welcomed with jubilation by all Ugandan people within and outside Uganda. Messages of encouragement and appreciation are flowing in from all corners of Uganda – from political parties, civil society organizations, current and former members of the Ugandan armed forces and security services.   

Crucially, huge numbers of Ugandan patriots are joining the Free Uganda Liberation Platform, and even individual citizens are inquiring about how they can participate and contribute. To be a part of the Free Uganda Liberation Platform – the simple and only qualifying questions are: Do you want to work for positive change in your country? Do you want to live in a better Uganda? Are you ready to make an individual or collective contribution towards freeing Uganda, so that all Ugandans can live that better life?

Answering these questions in the positive makes you qualified to be a participant in Free Uganda. Ugandans who join the Free Uganda Liberation Platform as members of individual organizations, for example political parties, workers unions, women’s groups, youth movements, will have their separate identities fully respected. All they have to do – is to make their collective input towards the collective struggle for the common Cause of Freedom. 

Shock and disbelief in Museveni Cabal

The Museveni regime in Kampala was clearly caught unawares by the pre-launch announcement of Free Uganda.

Reports from Free Uganda activists, who are already operating from inside the regime’s core security structures, tell of utter shock and confusion, as Museveni, his brother Gen. Salim Saleh, and son Brigadier Muhoozi Kaneirugaba scramble to react to the emerging serious threat posed by the new Liberation platform.

One way of responding was to order the army spokesman, Lt. Colonel Paddy Ankunda to issue a warning that the national army, Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) will go to the bush and crush the Free Uganda Liberation movement.

The response of Free Uganda to this empty threat is as follows:

Firstly we do not condemn Lt Colonel Paddy Ankunda for saying what he said. Paddy Ankunda is a young Ugandan citizen, who is doing his job serving a dictatorial regime. He is, like many other citizens, being held prisoner and in servitude by Museveni and forced to work for the collapsing regime. Lt. Colonel Paddy Ankunda knows very well that his job aside, the People’s Struggle for Freedom and Positive Change is not and can never be  crushed.

Secondly, Free Uganda would like to assure the People of Uganda that the liberation forces being assembled will always act within the parameters of Constitutional provisions, and not outside the Constitutional requirements. The constitution of Uganda, as outlined in Article 3 and other related clauses clearly stipulates that Ugandan People have the constitutional mandate to oppose, using all means, against a regime that violates the Constitution.

In response to Dictator Museveni’s well-rehearsed anti-People instincts and habits of abusing and misusing public institutions, including Uganda People’s Defense Forces, as well as the Police and other Security Service institutions, Free Uganda wishes to re-assure all our fellow brothers and sisters in the UPDF, as well as in the Police and other Security Service institutions, that Free Uganda is fighting for your rights and freedoms, as much we do for the rights and freedoms of all the Peoples of Uganda.

Free Uganda does not see our citizens serving in the UPDF and the police as our enemies. Just like the People of Uganda, who are victims of Museveni’s mis-governance and self-centered exploitation of the country, Free Uganda sees you, our dear brothers and sisters, as abused victims of Mr Museveni’s misrule.
Our fellow Ugandan citizens serving in the UPDF and Police services, you are:

>Victims of political abuse

>Victims of unfair promotions

>Victims of unpaid monthly allowances and salaries – these going several months in some cases

>Victims of poor accommodation, with no barracks and still living in grass thatched huts when Museveni globe trots in two state of art Gulf Streams like an oil sheik!

>Victims of unsupplied uniforms and clothing

>Victims of poor social care and medical provisions

>Victims of inexistent police schools, and so on

And in recent months, our fellow citizens in the army and police services have become targets of unjustified arrests, where the dictatorship is arresting hundreds of men, women and officers on trumped up charges, as was the case with the entire leadership of the Ugandan military contingent in Somalia, and also the hundreds of simple soldiers and officers who are being arrested and tortured within Uganda for mere suspicion of wanting to abandon the dictatorial regime of Yoweri Museveni.  

As Museveni, his brother Gen. Salim Saleh and his Son Brig. Muhoozi Kaneirugaba attempt to strengthen their ruthless stranglehold on the nation’s defense and security institutions, Free Uganda appeals to the men and women in uniform to desist from antagonizing fellow citizens in the name of defending one man’s family.

Uganda does not belong to Museveni. All the nations’ public institutions, including the army and the police, do not belong to Museveni. The parliament of Uganda does not belong to Museveni. The country’s financial institutions, from where Museveni and his cohorts are stealing the People’s money for individual satisfaction and for bribing a few citizens for support, are not the personal property of Yoweri Museveni. They are the People’s institutions.

And now is the time for the People to reclaim back their institutions – the Parliament of Uganda, the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, the Uganda Police Service, the Prisons’ Service, the Uganda Central Bank and other public financial institutions, the development projects, like the Karuma Dam project, which are being used as avenues of individual enrichment and corruption.

The People now seek to reclaim back the natural resources of Uganda – the emerging oil industry in Western and Northern Uganda, which is being turned into a Museveni family business guarded by the President’s son Brig. Kaneirugaba, the mineral resources in Karamoja, whose exploitation is being overseen by the President’s own wife Janet Museveni, and even, more importantly, the peoples land, which is being grabbed left and right – in Buganda, Acholiland, in Bunyoro, Toro, Masabaland, Busoga, Kigezi, Teso, Lango, Sebei, and all other places in Uganda by a few unashamedly corrupt individuals belonging to the Museveni Cabal.

The only way to reclaim back what rightly belongs to the People is for all the People of Uganda to combine our efforts and liberate ourselves and our Motherland from the abuser and oppressor – who is Mr. Museveni.

As regards Dictator Museveni’s position in Uganda’s political dispensation, Free Uganda is determined and fully convinced that the coming battles are ours to win, and his to lose. Museveni’s power hungry disposition and his brutal repression of Ugandan citizens are rapidly alienating him from the Ugandan masses.

There is mounting evidence that proves that Dictator Museveni is becoming alienated and that his 27-year long Dictatorship is finally disintegrating:

         The waning political support in the villages, towns and cities of Uganda, with Museveni now unsuccessfully attempting to prevent the people anywhere in Uganda, even the remotest village, from discussing politics and freely engaging in competitive politics. The continued ban on free political competition, by refusing to reform the electoral management systems and processes, and the introduction of the Public Order Management Bill, which seeks to ban citizens from freely discussing politics, are all signs of a frightened regime that fears People Power.

         The growing abandonment of the regime by citizens, who have served or are serving in senior leadership roles.

This is happening in the ruling high command, and in the command structures of the national army and police services, as well as among the simple community of soldiers and police men and women in the barracks across the country, in the ruling NRM party, in NRM youth organizations, in NRM women’s organizations, especially after the killing of progressive women leaders like Cerinah Nebanda, and even in Museveni’s own presidential guard units, like the so-called special forces command;

         The dependence of Museveni on close family members and relatives for personal security, an indication that Museveni does not trust other Ugandans outside his family anymore;

         The corrupt ways in which Museveni is hanging on to the dwindling public support by going around with sacks of looted public finances to bribe and buy support from a few unsuspecting citizens;

         The aggressive and Coercive methods being deployed by Museveni in an attempt to force unwilling Ugandans to support his withering regime, both during elections, and outside the polling season;

These and many other visible indications are proof of a collapsing Dictatorship. It is proof that all the People of Uganda are fed up of the corrupt and repressive Museveni rule and want immediate change – change that will deliver a new political dispensation that guarantees the people’s constitutional rights and freedoms, and refocus the whole nation to meaningful and sustainable socio-economic and cultural empowerment programs – away from the current self-centered, personalized rule that serves the interests of the few.  

Free Uganda – the People’s Liberation Platform, is setting out to unify, mobilize and galvanize the Ugandan masses, individually or through their political and non-political organizations, in this unique patriotic endeavor of freeing the Motherland.

Free Uganda – the people’s Liberation Platform, is setting out to create an enabling environment, whereby Ugandan citizens can then proceed to establish post-Museveni, post-Dictatorship, sustainable People-centered political systems of governance that will enable the country to develop and advance according to the interests of all Ugandans, irrespective of their ethnic, political, religious or gender orientation. 

Free Uganda welcomes all Ugandans into the Struggle, as this is the People’s own Struggle, and not an individual project as the Museveni regime have been unsuccessfully attempting to brand it.

Free Uganda stands for genuine national unity and seeks to achieve a new type of victory of Liberation, where there will be no winners or losers.

All Ugandans, from all ethnicities and social backgrounds are coming together to struggle for freedom.

Citizens from all parts of Ugandan – north, south, west, east, central and those living abroad are being brought together by Free Uganda, in Struggle for a common cause – the immediate liberation of Uganda.


Dr. Vincent Magombe is acting spokesperson, Free Uganda



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