Former US Congressman Arrested In Zimbabwe


Melvin Reynolds

[Global: Africa]

Former United States Congressman for Chicago Melvin Jay Reynolds, who came into Zimbabwe last year purporting to be a middleman for foreign investors in the tourism industry, was yesterday arrested for violating immigration laws and possessing pornographic material.

He had also accumulated bills worth US$24, 500 at two hotels which he was yet to pay. 
Reynolds, who was convicted on 12 counts of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography before he resigned from his seat in the USA was picked up by police detectives and immigration officials at Bronte Garden Hotel.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba had said police officers on the ground did not arrest someone like him.
Assistant Regional Immigration Officer Francis Mabika differed and confirmed the incident, saying he will avail more information surrounding the issue today.

“He has been picked up. Investigations are still underway and revealing information will jeopardize investigations that are underway,” he said.

According to his former aide identified as Sunny, Reynolds was in possession of pornographic material he shot on different occasions while in the company of a model and several girls in his hotel rooms.

For the rest of the story please see Zimbabwe Herald

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