Former Lakers Center: “Basketball Saved My Life”

Photos: YouTube Screenshot\Facebook

Former Los Angeles Lakers center Ater Majok says his return to Africa has enabled him to give back to a sport that offered him a ‘purpose’ in life.

The 35-year-old fled his country of birth Sudan with his family during the country’s second civil war in 1992.

“Growing up, it (basketball) saved my life, and it gave me a purpose in life,” Majok told BBC Sport Africa.

“When you are growing up as a refugee and go into a new country, you’re going to have difficulties, a lot of kids end up being on the streets.

“I’ve seen kids die, I’ve seen kids go to prison, I’ve seen kids being involved in illegal activities, and a lot of my friends, they’ve gone down that path.

“If I didn’t have basketball, I could have been easily persuaded to go down that that road.”


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