Floyd Mayweather Earns Easiest $32 Million In Pounding Guerrero

Floyd “Money” Mayweather overcame ring rust, father time, a year lay-off, and defeated Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero by a unanimous-almost a shut-out-decision.

Mayweather defended one of his eight world titles, the W.B.C. Welterweight crown at the M.G.M. Grand Casino, in Las Vegas, Saturday night May 4, 2013. The Judges, Duane Ford, Judy Lederman, and Jerry Roth, all voted the same way, 117-111 for Money Mayweather. Calling the first round even, because of the customary “feeling out period” by fighters, I called the fight a lopsided but justified, 119-110, for Mayweather.

Mayweather applying his “A”-Game, whose theme song in his training camp was, “The Ghost Busters”, exposed Guerrero as a plodding journeyman fighter from the very first round on to the 12th making you to wonder how Guerrero was able to win 6 world titles in 4 weight divisions with a record of 31 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, 2 no decisions, with 18 knockouts, and also, remain undefeated for 12 years.

Perhaps the reality is that Floyd Mayweather is in a boxing class all by himself. Strong-minded and untouchable.

From the very first round you noticed his silent mechanical application of his skills although he had injured his right hand in the process trying to offset Guerrero’s battle plan to rough him up, back him up to the ropes and pound him at will. After the first bell although plodding forward you noticed that Guerrero did not have a “ghost” of a chance to win.

I thought at times that this mega fight had the semblance of a high priced sparring session at the world stage of boxing, the M.G.M. Grand arena. Guerrero’s bravado and trash talks I felt were left at the press conference podiums, and interviews. Trash talks no matter how viciously personal do not win fights it is the application of them, in the ring, and with a sound strong mind like Mayweather’s.

In Money Mayweather we saw a triple combination of “Sugar Ray Robinson”-right hand, “Willie Pep”-defense and footwork, and “Gentle Man Jim Corbett”- strong punishing jab.

Mayweather exposed Guerrero as a one dimensional fighter who fought the same way he trained in camp or maybe throughout his career, and could not change his fight plan in the ring as Floyd did often. Desperately, his father, Ruben Guerrero began to plead with his son Robert to “move forward, trap him on the ropes, and throw your uppercuts, this is how we trained to beat him,” but to no avail since Robert Guerrero was already confused, hurt, tired and no longer able to follow instructions while bleeding from his nose, mouth and a severely cut left eye.

By the 9th round, a very relaxed, super-confident Mayweather stopped “dancing”, went flatfooted and slugged with Guerrero staggering him repeatedly, and just when Guerrero thought he would slug with him, Mayweather would reverse himself and go back to boxing until the last round.

Surprisingly, many fans in the audience of almost 19,000 which included a variety of worldwide celebrities rooting for Money Mayweather, began to boo. It is self-evident that those who booed are not at all familiar with the art of boxing. Boxing, is an “Art-Form”.

So now Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero who earned the biggest payday of his career will just simply go back to home with his family, rest and study the fight films with hopes to do better the next time he enters the ring.

As for the ring master, Mayweather, who earned $32 million dollars, plus a pay-per-view percentage, the opportunities are limitless considering his 6 fight mega millions contract with Showtime, with a balance of 5 more fights pending.

In front of him to fulfill this contract are: Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez, Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, perhaps a re-match with Juan Manuel Marquez, recent knockout conqueror of his nemesis, Manny Pacquiao.

I rule out Pacquiao not only because of his loss, but in reality the fight fans seem to have lost interest because he has become shop-worn since his fight with Antonio Margarito. Many fight fans are not aware of the beating he absorbed in the Margarito fight because of the recent “catch-weight” policy allowed by the State Boxing Commissions.

Perhaps a dark horse candidate to complete the balance of his 5 fighter contract with Showtime, Mayweather could fight Lucas Mathysess the hard-hitting Argentine.

There also may be some top European mega fighters worth pay-per-view money that Mayweather could consider. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, 44-0, 26 knockouts, could then finally retire duplicating Heavyweight Champ Rocky Marciano’s, 49-0 record, with former Light Heavyweight Champ, Joe Calzaghi a distant second place, who retired undefeated with a record of 46-0.

Maybe Floyd Mayweather likes even numbers and will finally retire, at 50-0, 26 knockouts.

“Quien Sabe”!


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