Fire “White Supremacist” Bannon Says Rep. Barbara Lee and other Members of Congress


Bannon–rebel with a lost cause? Photo: Facebook

Following the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council, members of Congress led by Rep. Barbara Lee are demanding that he be removed from the White House staff entirely because of his “white supremacist” views.

“Steve Bannon is a radical right wing extremist, whose embrace of white supremacist ideology presents a direct threat to our national security,” Rep. Lee said, and also wrote in a letter to President Trump. “As the chief architect of the Muslim Ban and a persistent advocate of President Trump’s border wall, his corrosive fingerprints can be found on the most extreme tenets of this Administrations un-American agenda.”

“This year at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Steve Bannon made it clear that his goal is the ‘destruction of the administrative state.’ I refuse to stand idly by as President Trump allows him to rot our government from the inside out. That is why I am pleased that my colleagues have joined me to send a clear message to this White House: Steve Bannon must go, and he must go now.”

Parts of the letter to Present Obama reads: “In late 2013, Mr. Bannon said that he is a Leninist’ and that his main goal is the ‘destruction of the administrative state.’ We understand that Mr. Bannon was an architect of your administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget proposal that seeks to dismantle our vital government services and functions. There should be no place at the White House for a person that does not believe in our government and all Americans.

“While Mr. Bannon is no longer on the NSC, the threat he poses to the security of our nation is still imminent. His political drive to keep Muslims and all immigrations out of this country is appalling. We need look no further than your administration’s hateful, failed Muslim-ban and border wall, to find the finger prints of Mr. Bannon and understand the chaos his radical views can inflict on our country. We strongly urge you to remove Steve Bannon from the White House immediately. His ideology and political agenda clearly have no place in the highest office in the land.”

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