Fighting Global Poverty By Educating The World’s Children

Akbar Al Baker CEO of Qatar Airways


If we could give 171 million impoverished children access to education we could begin uplifting 12% of the world’s population out of poverty.

Education also helps reduce the risk of conflict. Education is the key to not only a better life for an individual but for communities both local and global.

These were some of the lessons that Educate A Child, a not-for-profit humanitarian project shared at a news conference in New York City this week to promote its mission.

The organization says it’s working to help reach the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which is to see that every child has access to full course primary education by 2015.

Educate a Child was launched by Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, whose husband is Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of of Qatar in November 2012.

Sheikha Moza is a spirited proponent for child education. She already serves as UNESCO’s Special Envoy on Basic and Higher Education and is also a member of the Steering Committee of Global Education First initiative.

Unlike other humanitarian projects involved in raising the level of global education, EAC is not looking to set forth its own on-the-ground operations. Instead, EAC is looking to work with other organizations already involved in the work. It also works with local and international businesses to raise money.

EAC believes this model allows it to have impact in many countries. The partnership includes non-governmental-organizations (NGOs) such as: UNICEF; Save the Children; Girl Child Network; and, many more. EAC is also partnering with governmental entities in various countries and utilizing the strategic tools of organizations such as UNESCO.

EAC also gets a big lift through its partnership with Qatar Airways.

The airline plans to help raise funds for this education initiative on its website. There’s also a donation folder on each passengers’ seat as well as an in-flight channel that educates travelers about the cause. Promotional videos educate passengers while also creating a sense of empathy.

“I know that as a grandfather of six seeing this video you get emotionally charged,” said Dr. Tidu Maini, CEO of Qatar Science and Technology, and a special envoy for EAC.

Qatar Airways is also matching every dollar contributed by passengers. Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways CEO noted that even if only 5% of passengers contributed to the cause it would result in a million kids being able to have access to primary education.

Each additional year of primary school education adds 10% to a child’s future earnings, according to EAC.

With cuts in government spending around the world, including in the U.S., there are reasons for concern. Decreased American support for education, globally, could prove harmful, said Marcio Barbosa, CEO of the Education Above All foundation.

“If you want peace and prosperity you must promote education,” he said. 




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