Family Of California Black Man Killed By Police Demand Answers

San Bernadino Police killing of Robert Marquise Adams who was shot dead--as he was running away from police last Saturday.

Photos: Twitter\Robert Adams’ family

The following excerpt is from California-based Black Voice News regarding the San Bernadino Police killing of Robert Marquise Adams who was shot dead–as he was running away from police last Saturday.

“How do you do that, City of San Bernardino?” asked Attorney Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney that will be representing the family of Robert Marquise Adams, 23, along with attorney Brad Gage. Crump also leads the George Floyd family’s legal team.

Adams was shot to death Saturday by members of the San Bernardino Police Department. The incident, caught on video, has once again elevated the issue of Black Lives in relation to the deadly interactions with police nationally that sparked an international uprising in 2020 with the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Adams’ death has brought the issue front and center in the Inland Empire.

“We want answers, San Bernardino!” an audience member echoed in support of Crump’s rhetorical question to the San Bernardino Police Department.

The official police department press release claims the officers were “conducting surveillance in an unmarked vehicle after receiving information that a Black male armed with a gun was in the parking lot.” It went on to state, “The officers exited their vehicle and attempted to give Adams verbal commands, but Adams ran away, toward two cars, still carrying the gun. One of the officers fired his service weapon, striking Adams multiple times.

Attorney Brad Gage said the press release put out by San Bernardino contains false information about Rob’s history. According to the attorney, Adams was an honors student with numerous awards, who planned to attend college as a business major and start his own business. He was family oriented.

“The City of San Bernardino wants to portray an image of Rob and forgets the human toll that this caused,” Gage said. “This was like a classic drive-by shooting… There was no warning, no questions… Why were they there [in an unmarked vehicle with tinted windows]?”

“They said they had evidence of a Black man holding a gun.” There could have been millions of suspects, Gage says.

The family also questions the accuracy of this assessment and wonders if Adams’s cell phone could have been mistaken for a gun. Read more.

Adams (above) shown running away just before being shot dead

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