Eudes Pierre’s Death: New Yorkers Demand Police Employ More Nonlethal Measures

Eudes Pierre died after being shot 10 times by police officers


A petition demanding police use more nonlethal measures and invite behavioral specialists with them when responding to calls has been signed over 600 times.

This petition comes a week after Eudes Pierre died after being shot 10 times by police officers responding to a call of a man wielding a gun and a knife.

Pierre, who was located by police on the street with a knife in one hand and the other in his pocket, was killed after charging at the officers. It was later discovered that Pierre, who suffered from bipolar disorder, was the one who made the 911 call.

Petition starter Herbert Dubique of Brooklyn says: “We are asking for the ‘Eudes Pierre law’ where this law would require that a behavioral specialist be present on site to every police call. This law also will introduce maneuver techniques that can be used instead of the lethal method that was used. Alternatives solutions are needed by the NYPD and that is what we are voicing.”

Dubuque continues: “Although non-lethal methods were used. We as his friends, brother, sister, family, and community are asking for more from those who are assigned to ‘serve and protect the community’.”

Brooklyn local Strafe Johnson says: “We need better trained individuals to handle these types of situations. I often think about the many ways his death could’ve been avoided. Having a behavioral specialist on site, the use of pepper spray, tackling from a blind side and although I wouldn’t want it to happen, 1 shot instead of 10 to at least give him a chance of survival. Police need to do better and hopefully this law changes that because we’re tired of seeing this in our community.”

Brianna Allen of Queens says: “His death could have been avoided in many ways. The police saw a Black man in Brooklyn and felt fear when they saw him , when he was crying out for help. Mental health Illness is not the key to killing an innocent man. Law enforcement needs to do better.”

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