Jay Z Rap on Gentrification & Black Wealth doesn't make sense


Attorney Antonio Moore discusses Jay Z rapping about wealth inequality and gentrifying the hood as an answer. Moore looks at Jay Z business history and more to detail.

Jay Z Lyrics

Gentrify your own hood, before these people do itClaim eminent domain and have your people movin’That’s a small glimpse into what Nipsey was doingFor anybody that’s still confused as to what he was doingThe neighborhood is designed to keep us trappedThey red line us, so property declines if you live by blacksThey depress the asset and take the property backIt’s a ruthless but a genius plan in factSo now we fighting over scrapsCrabs in a barrel, but crabs don’t belong in the barrel and they ain’t never tell us thatSo in the barrel, we gonna act like we actWe can easily get out the barrel if we stand on each other’s backWhoever gets on top, as long as they stay attachedThey gonna pull everybody out—I was doing just thatI told Neighborhood Nipsey stay closeThere’s a 100 million dollars on your schedule, lay lowTell your team to be on point in the places that they goI never dreamed that he get killed in the place that he called homeHow we gonna get in power if we kill the source?Y’all like to run off on the plug, so of courseThat ain’t lit, that’s a means to an endMe and my team was playing the plug ahead of planSometimes we was only making a $1000 a jointThat ain’t no money, but that ain’t main pointSo those 92 bricks was only 92 thouSo y’all can close your mouth, it ain’t nothing for y’all to wild (Wow)But it is something to studyWe was chasing our goals, not chasing moneyNiggas chasing hoes, we find that funnyI pull up in the Rolls, that hoe gon’ want meBut I don’t want no hoe, I want a wifeSomebody to bounce these ideas off at nightI be going to sleep hoping Nip visit meThat young king had a lot of jewels to split with meAnd we ain’t gotta leave the hood physicallyBut we gotta leave that shit mentally

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