EnovativeTV Competes For Major Chase Grant



EnovativeTV Inc. (ETV), the leading distributor of African television over the internet, has applied for the Mission Main Street Grant, a Program organized by JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (Chase).

This initiative led by Chase, seeks to increase awareness of the important role small businesses play in local communities and to help small businesses grow. As a small start-up company, focused on bringing African media to the Diaspora, EnovativeTV services customers throughout North America.

Serge Vallet, Executive Director of EnovativeTV stated “In addition to bringing live television from Africa to the Diaspora in North America, EnovativeTV sponsors and supports a variety of activities within the community. This grant would help expand those efforts, including broadcasting more local events and developing distance learning programs for immigrants.”

After applying for the grant, social media plays a key role in advancing companies to the next phase of review. To have the application reviewed by the panel of industry experts, each company applying must receive at least 250 votes of support online.

To vote for EnovativeTV, click on the following link

EnovativeTV subscribers can view a package of more than 90 live channels from Africa, plus an extensive video-on-demand library, radio shows, original programming and other applications on their television, computer and Android/iOS mobile device. The grant would assist EnovativeTV with its continued efforts to develop original programming that highlights issues and promotes events within the African community in North America. The company would also expand its services to the Middle Eastern and East Asian communities, continue with technical development of new applications and upgrade its infrastructure to enhance their customer’s overall experience.

EnovativeTV Inc. (ETV) is the leading distributor of live African television over Internet and 3G/4G connections in North America. ETV carries international channels such as Euronews and France 24, regional stations such as Africa 24 and national networks such as Radiodiffusion Télévision Ivoirienne (RTI) in the Ivory Coast. An extensive video-on-demand library of 2,000+ movies, music videos and documentaries is also available, along with radio stations such as RFI.

ETV subscribers can view ETV programming on their televisions with the company’s customized Android receiver, Samsung SmartTV or Blu-Ray player, Roku as well as on Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.


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