“Enough Is Enough” Say Petitioners Who Want Gen. Museveni Out Following Stripping Assault On Ms. Zaina Fatuma


Ballot or bullet? Gen. Museveni, dictator of 30 years — not a word after police stripped naked opposition leader

The 92 people who’ve so far signed the petition demanding the resignation of Ugandan dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni after his security officers sexually assaulted a leading female figure in the opposition by stripping her naked share something in common; outrage at the barbaric attack on Ms. Zaina Fatuma.

The signatures came from Ugandans in Kampala, London, Los Angeles, Jinja, Kabale, Pretoria, Houston, Capetown, and elsewhere.

Ugandans inside and outside the country; and from other nationals who watched the video of the October 10 assault by police during the arrest.

Michael Kabaziguruka, from Kampala states, “He must resign now while he still can.”

Some of those who signed acknowledged that Gen. Museveni won’t quit unless pushed out but still wanted to protest in some way.

Ms. Fatuma, who is a leading member of the Forum for Democratic Change political party has said she plans to sue the officers involved in the assault as well as the country’s notorious chief of police Gen. Kale Kayihura.

Museveni is “Worst than Amin 10 times,” writes Anthony Endre of Bedford, Texas, U.S., who signed the petition. “Ugandans must stand up and be counted in the struggle to remove Museveni away from power and away from Uganda.”

“He should resign, or else we’re soon going to use force,” adds George William of Northmead, Australia.

Meanwhile, Bosco Nyeko, who resided in London, U.K., writes, “We are all tired of this regime, we know he won’t resign without being pushed.”

“An oppressive regime cannot be a good thing for anyone,” adds Pat Arinaitwe, also from London, U.K.

“Museveni must go, he has sold our nation into pieces,” declares Paddy Carlos from Mitooma, Uganda.

Warren Tugume, from Kampala says, “The incident was too touching. Ugandans are very bitter with the regime.”

Bakandonda, also from Kampala, writes, “This level of human rights abuse cannot be allowed to go on.”

Ahebwe Elias notes, “It’s a shame. The regime shouldn’t [get] away with it.”

Aminadab H., from Pretoria, South Africa, adds, “It is very clear that those who are supposed to protect human rights are not doing enough. Please, to the United Nations help Ugandan and [Ugandans]. Protect human beings.”

Emmanuel Olara from Launceston, Australia, writes, “Yoweri must go and go now! Any serious peace mindful citizen of the world would support this.”

Dorothy, from Acton, MA, in the U.S., simply states: “Enough with the tyrant regime!”

Meanwhile, there’s been deafening silence from U.S. and U.K. officials to the assault on Fatuma, even though they are always eager to quickly condemn any alleged rights violations in a country like Zimbabwe.

The petition is available on Moveon.org

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