Electoral College Documentary “One Person, One Vote?” Set To Premiere On Independent Lens September 30th


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(San Francisco, CA) July 10, 2024— Pulling the curtain back on the Electoral College and examining the system that governs presidential elections in the United States, “One Person, One Vote?”, will premiere on INDEPENDENT LENS on September 30, 2024, ahead of the 2024 presidential election. The Electoral College documentary follows Derrick Wilburn, a Republican activist and founder of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives; Polly Baca, a Mexican-American Democratic Party elder; Patricia McCracken, a student and first-time voter affiliated with the Green Party; Kit Maclean, a humorous yet bona fide elector for Kanye West; and Dean Jelani Cobb, an expert in film and staff writer at The New Yorker, while providing historical context by exploring the Electoral College’s origins in slavery. “One Person, One Vote?” offers a nonpartisan understanding of the institution, revealing its origins in a bygone era and its centrality to questions of the modern day. 

“One Person, One Vote?” debuts on PBS’s INDEPENDENT LENS on September 30, 2024, at 10 p.m. (check local listings). The film will be available to stream on the PBS App.

Directed and produced by Maximina Juson, produced by Daresha Kyi, and  co-produced by Christie Herring, the film dissects the uniquely American and often misunderstood mechanism for electing a president, the Electoral College. An array of voices throughout the film representing all sides of current electoral college events is intercut with commentary from dynamic subject matter experts including Lead Historian Dr. Paul Finkelman, Columbia School of Journalism Dean Jelani Cobb, and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Carol Anderson, who place the Electoral College in its historical context.

Visit the “One Person, One Vote?” page on INDEPENDENT LENS to learn more about the film.

Maximina Juson, Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Maximina Juson is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of HUMovies, a film production company in Los Angeles. Her debut feature film, “One Person, One Vote?” is a National Endowment for the Humanities grant recipient that world premiered at the Pan African Film Festival, taking home the Programmers’ Award for Best Documentary Feature.
Daresha Kyi, Producer

Producer Daresha Kyi directs narratives and documentaries in Spanish and English. Her films about conservative Christian mothers accepting their LGBTQ+ children; “Trans In about iconic singer Chavela Vargas.


Christie Herring, Co-producer

Christie Herring is an award-winning director, producer, and editor. Directing includes ITVS-funded “The Campaign” about Prop 8 and the LGBTQ marriage struggle. Her producing and editing work has appeared on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and PBS and includes “23 Mile,” “The Big Scary ‘S’ Word,” “


Director                                      Maximina Juson


Producers                                  Maximina Juson

Daresha Kyi


Executive Producers                Lois Vossen

Dale and Don Franzen



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