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In 1816 the white church disregarded the black church and built a hearse house on black burial ground.

The congregation wanted to preserve their history with their ancestors on sacred grounds of history. Convicted in his soul, Morris Brown had a vision of worshipping with his brothers and sisters in harmony.

The nine of Mother Emanuel placed love above evil and the demonic presence of one stole nine lives. The year of 1818 white officials arrested 140 black church members for reaping the harvest of praises to heaven.

With the spirit of Crispus Attucks a rebellion was birthed and the stand was made to honor black lives matter. Denmark Vesey's words of freedom echoed the ears of slaves in Charleston and the fire of Mother Emanuel ensued.

Within the story of history the nine of Mother Emanuel were gathered without warning with darkness. A secret trial for the color of their skin and the execution was engaged without the night holding them.

The offspring of years surrendered and in the spirit of Nehemiah the resurrection of Emanuel was created. The doors of heaven opened and the earthquake rescinded Mother Emanuel upon the grounds of which she stood.

Cries were heard in the fellowship hall and the nine of Mother Emanuel took flight on wings of love. Born into slavery and freed with education, Booker T Washington arrested minds from the pulpit of Mother Emanuel.

We shall overcome was the cry Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. presented to the congregation for rights to vote from Mother Emanuel. In the hour of love and the spirit of fellowship their arms opened without assimilation and we remember: Pastor Clementa Pinckney born into salvation without disregard of his life to bring life to CHRIST.

Reverend Daniel Simmons dedicated his life beyond the duties of man to infiltrate the wounds of life. Reverend Depayne Middleton-Doctor soared to heights of love for a witness of creation to come.

Susie Jackson, the heart of love to fulfill the destiny of peace and compassion for days of songs. Ethel Lance became a beacon of light to surrender pain and heartaches for eyes of distant land.

Myra Thompson gave love for melodies of words as she engraved the mind of lost souls in time. Cynthia Hurd's heart of service to the people brought about improvement to the fields of dreams.

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton expanded her life to life to become wings of freedom on her words.

Tywanza Sanders vibrant and strong character showcased his civil duties to civil matters of black lives matter.


Written by Theodore Mosley June 19, 2015

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