Defamation Reparations: HBCU Law Schools Should Sue Media

 mount a defamation claim against US media for its egregious and relentless harm to Black Americans.
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The following open letter was sent by the Black Economics ( website founder, Dr. Brooks Robinson, to deans at several HBCU's including: Florida A&M University, Howard University, North Carolina Central University, Southern University, Texas Southern University and University of the District of Columbia. The letter was sent to these deans, at law schools, regarding Reparations.

Dear Deans of HBCU Law Schools: is an Internet forum for analyses of Black economic concepts, issues, policies, and plans. An issue of long-standing interest is the pernicious effects of adverse stereotypical media images on Black Americans. These images defame Black Americans and impose undue psychological, physical, and economic harm.

A recent and an ongoing court case confirm that relief can be obtained for defamation through US courts. We discuss the recent case in “Reparations for Mass Media Defamation.” The ongoing case, “Dominion Voting Systems vs. Fox News Corporation,” is undecided, but some experts believe that the plaintiff will obtain a favorable ruling. This open letter proposes that law schools at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs, the Big 6) leverage their extant knowledge and force to mount a defamation claim against US media for its egregious and relentless harm to Black Americans.


The proposed case is placed at your doorstep because the missions and traditions of HBCUs—especially their law schools—is to serve as a catalyst for, and to drive, change as transformational problem solvers in defense of Black American rights. We believe that Black Civil Rights-type organizations that could be called upon to prosecute the case are not sufficiently financially independent to ensure that the case reaches a favorable conclusion. On the other hand, the Big 6 have substantial financial independence, should not have funds withdrawn or withheld for engaging on this case because it is directly aligned with the missions and traditions of HBCUs and their law schools, and the wide-based engagement to build and fight the case should be sustained until the case reaches a logical conclusion—even if certain law schools withdraw from the undertaking.

If this case is forged and litigated successfully by HBCU lawyers against media corporations’ lawyers from the Harvards and Yales, then this will help produce lawyers, who can find their way to the nation’s Supreme Court—something that has not occurred since the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall achieved this feat in 1967.

We challenge and urge you to extend due consideration to, and act on, this proposal. Also, we invite the public to support this proposal by sending a copy or screen shot of this letter to all of you.

Dr. Brooks Robinson

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