East Flatbush Community Strongly Opposes Invasion of High Rise Developers



Members of the Lenox Road Block Association Alliance (LRBAA) have joined forces in defiance of the plan by developers to construct a thirteen (13) story high-rise in the middle of a narrow, residential block on Lenox Road.

LRBAA objections stem from concerns that this new project is totally out of step with considerations that are of utmost importance in maintaining the character and environmental health of their neighborhood.

“This so-called 333 Lenox Road Project is an example of a trend that is overtaking our community,” is the complaint voiced by Judy Spence, LRBAA’s president. “Land-developers are flocking to the neighborhood buying land at record pace with plans to construct mammoth, dense high-rise buildings that dwarf surrounding structures.”

Spence emphasizes that the community does not object to plans for affordable housing but that residents are not pleased by the out-of scale element.  In addition to aesthetics, community residents have also cited “shadowing” –the reduction of natural light–and heightened traffic and parking congestion as being high on the list of negative impacts.

If the developers of the 333 Lenox Road Project are successful in obtaining government funding, they may proceed with their plans despite getting a “no” -vote from Brooklyn Community Board17 on May 21st.  In an attempt to set height limitations for future developments, LRBAA has for years reached out to local elected officials to support down- zoning and re-zoning efforts for their community.

Specifically communications with Council Member Mathieu Eugene, 40th Council District have been futile thus far as the community’s concerns appear to be falling on deaf ears. Meanwhile LBRAA has been aggressively organizing rallies and continues to circulate petitions both of which have received tremendous support from residents.

This case of “vulture developers” is by no means unique to Lenox Road. An increasing number of  communities  across  various  Brooklyn  zip codes  are protesting what is viewed as the  deliberate attempt by developers to take advantage of vague and complex  zoning laws, a  problem which adds to the frustration  experienced  by community  activists in dealing with this issue.

Nonetheless, LRBAA is relentless in their demand that any new constructions should enhance rather than undermine the character of their neighborhood, not only for them but for future generations. Hopefully those in positions of power would intervene to ensure a just outcome to this conflict.  


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