Early Vote—Now At 90 Million—Will Exceed Those Cast On Election Day For First Time.

Headed for record defeat?

Donald Trump. Millions of Black and Brown voters want him to suffer crushing defeat. Photo: Gage Skidmore 


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By election day, the majority of ballots would have already been cast, which is unprecedented in U.S. voting history.


By Saturday evening 91 voters had already registered their choice through early voting. This has been an intense election season with President Donald Trump stoking the flames of racism by refusing to denounce White Supremacy— “stand back, stand by” the racist president infamously told the Proud Boys when asked to denounce them during the first presidential debate with Joe Biden.


Trump also encouraged his supporters to intimidate voters by urging them to show up at polling stations, not to vote but to prevent alleged election fraud (read: to discourage Black and Brown voters from showing up to the polls).


This attempt to scare off voters by Trump—by suggesting that his thugs would harm them— in addition to the Covid-19 lockdown may have combined to contribute to the record early voting and voting by mail. Trump has also been criticizing mail-in voting and he’s also refused to state that he would commit to a smooth transfer of power should he lose the election.


This would be richly deserved if the majority of the early votes total are against Donald Trump and his racism, Islamophobia, and misogyny. So far, more Democrats so far have voted early than have Republicans. The people he’s abused the most–Black and Brown voters–will likely


The nation and the world can’t wait to see this rascal and crook ejected from the White House.


To paraphrase the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, “The White House has a strong smell of sulfur.” 







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