Eagles Continue Winning

Terrell Owens, made two super duper catches in the third quarter of the Eagles division winning game against the Giants. One, he came back to catch. The other he stretched forward to simply grab the ball out of the air. Giants held him catchless for the first half but we all knew that would not last forever. The Eagles have now won their fourth division title in a row.

How confident were the Philadelphia Eagles this past Sunday about winning at the Meadowlands against the New York Giants? Apparently so confident, that they printed up division title caps and brought them to the New York/New Jersey game prior to winning. 
Talk about flying Eagles! Eagles superstar pass catching whiz, Terrell Owens, made two super duper catches in the third quarter of the Eagles division winning game against the Giants. One, he came back to catch. The other he stretched forward to simply grab the ball out of the air. Giants held him catchless for the first half but we all knew that would not last forever. The Eagles have now won their fourth division title in a row. Eagles superstar quarterback, Donavan McNabb ran for a score and threw for two more guaranteeing his teams victory. Philadelphia Eagles 27-New York Giants-6.
 The Jets are not getting their due from a defensive stand point I feel. They keep winning each week and in winning, show how outstanding their defense is but as the kids say nowadays, they are not getting their “props.” Yes, I saw Jet quarterback Quincy Carter display his outstanding arm. He threw the only touchdown pass and score in the game. The game was rare in that you had two African-American coaches on the side line. Another thing, isn’t Santana Moss playing quite well? Thought so!  New York Jets 13-Arizona Cardinals-3.
 Man, is “The Bus” Jerome Bettis, simply rolling along roughshod over whomever and whatever?  The Steelers’ super running back (a dapper dresser and class act) is definitely leading his crew. The team will invade the Meadowlands December 18th when they face the Giants a week before Christmas.  Pittsburgh
Steelers, New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles all are now 10-1. The Steelers are the team that put the one loss on both Philly and New England.
 Giants wore red jerseys last Sunday for the first time since 1953. The Giants used to wear both blue and red jerseys before NFL games were televised. Then NFL commissioner, Bert Bell requested that all teams pick a solid color jersey and a white jersey. However, beginning in the 1954 season, Giants decided to wear blue jerseys. Get this … according to the NFL resolution regarding uniforms, a team is required to have a 1) home 2) road and 3) a third uniform. The guidelines cite there must be an (a) alternate color scheme which requires using the colors that are part of the club’s existing color palette and (b) using the same design and logo as either the existing or away uniform or (c) using a previously approved “classic” uniform from the club’s history. The jerseys the team wore last Sunday represented the Giants alternate color jersey. In doing so, the team had to substitute anything that was blue with red and anything that was red with blue.
 The Giants are allowed to wear the red jersey for one home game each season. Yes, you guessed it!!! The Giants have now lost in all their colors. I wonder what color the Jets third uniform is?  I’ll find out from Mr. Ron Colangelo, V.P. of public relations.  He is another class act. You have to love a gent whose job is to promote the New York Jets. The late great John Francis Xavier Condon would love him too.  You just can’t top the football media people here in the Big Apple. Did you know that the term “The Big Apple” came from jazz musicians.
  Football is odd in the fact that the home team usually doesn’t wear white jerseys. It used to be in sports that the home team wore the white jerseys or uniforms but not anymore in the game of football today. The home team has a choice of what color they want to wear. Oddly enough when the New York
Knickerbockers (Knicks) (who were the visiting team) recently played the Dallas Mavericks, the Mavs wore their alternate color uniform, a recent design by my daughter Deminee’s boss, P. Diddy. During that game, the Knicks wore the white jersey which is their home color but like the Giants they took a loss. Since they were wearing white when they lost at home and away, I guess all we can say is so much for colors.
 By the way, NFL great and Giant legend Frank Gifford, mentioned that the greatest game he ever played in his opinion was the 1958 New York Giants-Baltimore Colts game. He made a first down that would have allowed the Giants (then leading 17-14) to run out the clock and win the game. Gifford once stated: “I know I made that first down but the referee was so concerned about Colts defensive end Gino Marchetti, (who had broken his leg on the play), that he forgot where he had picked up the ball.”  Well, history picked it up from there.  Gifford was the Giants #1 pick and  the entire NFL draft back in 1952. But get this, Frank made the 1953 Pro-Bowl as a defensive back. Then in 1954, he made the Pro-Bowl again but as an offensive back. A first in NFL annuals. Both Gifford and his lovely wife are fine human beings.
  Speaking of special human beings, the greatest sports artist of the 20th century, my friend the legendary LeRoy Neiman will have an exhibition: The LeRoy Neiman Sketch-Book-1964 Liston vs. Clay-1965-Ali vs. Liston .  The Exhibit will run from December 3, 2004-January 8. 2005 at the PowerHouse Gallery, located at 68 Charlton Street (2 blocks south of Houston Street between Varick and Hudson streets). Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 12 pm-6pm.
 Reminds me of the time a few years back when another friend of mine, the Sugar Ray Robinson of tennis players, John Patrick McEnroe, Jr., showcased a
Muhammad Ali exhibition at his own art gallery. McEnroe featured an exhibit of photos by Ali’s best friend and noted photographer, the talented, gentle and
astute, Howard Bingham.  During that period, Howard put out a book of photos he had taken over the years of Ali.
 McEnroe like Neiman is an expert and lover of art.  One of the pictures that was displayed at the McEnroe Gallery was a photo of Muhammad Ali sitting
with both the legendary Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson. Ali has often stated the photo is one of his favorites. Did you know that the names Ray Robinson and Joe Louis were not the real names of either of these boxing legends? Both men changed their names at a young age to hide from their families the fact they were boxing.  Before the two men legalized their adopted names, Joe Louis’ real name was Joseph Louis Barrows and Ray Robinson’s real name was Walker Smith Jr.
 You won’t meet four finer human beings than Muhammad Ali, LeRoy Neiman,John McEnroe and Howard Bingham. Heck, in my opinion, McEnroe, is the one who has taken the mantle and picked up the torch the late great Arthur Ashe carried and left. John has long championed the cause of his fellow players and fellow man. Who is more like Ali in standing up and being heard than Mac? Who when he was the #1 tennis player in the world still found time for his country and played the Davis cup? As far as I am concerned, John and his family are a great clan and are cut from special cloth.  There are only two things you need to know about John McEnroe – 1) As a doubles player, Mac ran the best doubles team of his era. And 2) Mac’s #1 hero is Nelson Mandela. Enough said.
 Willie Randolph, the New York Mets new baseball manager, has added former Chicago Whitesox manager, Jerry Manuel to his staff. Manuel, who is in his
maiden season as white hose manager won a division title. That season (1997) marked the first time two African-American managers won Manager of the Year Awards in the same season.  The great Dusty Baker won the award in the National league.  1997, is also the year when baseball remembered and retired the number 42 in salute and memory of Jack Roosevelt Robinson. One of Jackie’s famous quotes was: “A life is not important except for the impact it has on others.” I thought I said this already but once again “CONGRATULATIONS WILLIE RANDOLPH!!!! Mr. Robinson would be proud of you. He would also say its way overdue for both you and baseball.
 Now all we have to do is figure how some of the African-American media can get season credentials again at Shea. Last season, no African-American media received season credentials. I guess Shea doesn’t think African Americans buy tickets or watch sports, only play it!  This is 2004 not 1944, right?
 Late birthday wishes to Harlem Rens great John Isaacs (Sept. 30th). I said I was late. Anniversary wishes (Nov. 24th) to Arthur George Rust Jr., and his lovely wife Pat Rust, their 13th. And an advanced Happy Birthday to Larry Bird. The Boston Celtic great and NBA legend, celebrates another birthday on
December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day.  You will meet fewer people more direct, honest, sincere and genuine than Larry Bird.
 How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I Hope great for all. How’s that saying go…”GOD is good all the time.”


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