“DREAMS COME TRUE” by Jaquann A. Holley & Jayce A. Holley


Meet Jaquann and Jayce Holley from Lefrak City, Queens, New York. This dope father/son duo took spending quality time to the next level and co-authored their first book, “DREAMS COME TRUE”.


Jaquann and Jayce’s daily visits to the playground after school originally sparked the idea. Jaquann explains, “On our drives home from the park Jayce is usually in the backseat rambling on 100 miles per minute about his day (Laughing). One of the thoughts he expressed was wanting us to make a book about our visits to the park. I decided to hold on to this particular thought. As time went on Jayce continued to talk about writing a book. Something in my heart told me to pursue this idea and explore the option of making it a reality. Jayce became increasingly thrilled when he noticed me gaining interest in it too! We began brainstorming and working on the storyline then spent over a year developing the story and completing the rough draft…the rest is history!”


That’s how “DREAMS COME TRUE” was born and Jaquann and JayceHolley joined an exclusive list of father/son writing teams! Writing a children’s book may seem easy, but don’t be mislead by the simplicity of the book. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete. “Me and my dad spent lots of time making this cool book. It was so much fun!”, says Jayce.


DREAMS COME TRUE” is an interactive, imaginative experience for young readers. “I feel it would be best for adults to engage with the child as they read this book. The context is mainly a dialogue between Jayce and I about his dream day off from school and how he’d like to spend the day.”, says Jaquann.

It is an easy, fun read beautifully illustrated by Eugene To. The pages are splashed with bright colors that catch the eye and an amusing story that’s sure to keep you and your little one entertained. There is even a simple activity at the end of the story that promotes creative thinking and goal setting.


How refreshing is it to see a young, black father urging his son to use his imagination and tap into his creative mind instead of spending hours on a video game, cell phone or tablet? “The most rewarding part of it all was actually doing it! Being in these moments with Jayce is priceless. We are teaching each other a lot about life and learning more about each other. All of the smiles and laughs we shared made the process more than worth it.”, says Jaquann.


Being Jayce’s father and best friend is Jaquann’s heart’s joy. Fatherhood is something he takes very seriously. “DREAMS COME TRUE” is an important book for many reasons. I am a black father with a black son. With this book, we are promoting healthy relationships between the two. I grew up witnessing black fathers get a bad rap and not be viewed in the most positive light (though I know that there are black fathers who decided to disappear and shirk their responsibilities and they deserve to be called out). My hope is that our book sparks some positive dialogue in the black community and reminds us what a blessing it is to be a father. Now that I am 30 years of age with a son of my own, I am taking the necessary steps to break the negative cycle and urging other black fathers to do the same.”


Jaquann and Jayce’s initial goal was to complete the task of writing their book until they realized the impact it was having on the people around them. “The outpouring of accolades and support we’re receiving from my peers and elders is amazing! We just want to continue to shift the culture in a positive direction and change the thought process when it comes to how black father/son relationships are viewed in today’s society. Most importantly, I want to plant the seed for the younger generations to come and remind them that they are full of potential and can do anything they put their minds to. Let’s erase the limitations! It may sound ironic because of all the new Kanye quotes this year, but a lot of the ‘free thinkers’ in our society inspire me. Growing up in the ‘hood’ we have countless restrictions and doubts placed in front of us, so it’s really inspiring to see people push past those limitations and follow their hearts! In the year 2018 there’s definitely an aura of ‘anything is possible’ in the air. Many of my peers are living according to this mantra, some are even quitting their jobs and risking it all to become young black entrepreneurs. It’s exciting to watch! Anyone who is doing something positive and progressive with their time is a huge inspiration.”


DREAMS COME TRUE” is a beautiful story about those very ideas, following your heart and making your dreams come true. So grab your favorite little person and join Jaquann and Jayce on their visit to the playground. Let your imagination take you on a fantastic ride and build a bond that will last a lifetime!


DREAMS COME TRUE” will be available for purchase and download on Sunday, June 16th, 2018 at www.AMAZON.com.  The perfect Father’s Day gift for the special man in your life.




Authors: Jaquann & Jayce Holley

Instagram: @theDreamsComeTruebook

Illustrated by: Eugene To

Instagram: @sloetoe


Official link to purchase/download “DREAMS COME TRUE” by Jaquann & Jayce Holley:


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