Dr. Molefi Asante Keynotes CEMOTAP 31 Year Celebration Today at 3PM


Dr. Asante

Dr. Molefi K. Asante, who has been cited as one of the most influential leaders of the decade will bring his dynamic message on the value of “Embracing And Activating The Lessons Of Our African Ancestors” to the Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People (CEMOTAP) at its 31st anniversary celebration today.

Dr. Asante will be joined by Dr. Leonard Jeffries who will bring an acknowledgement message on the life and work of Sister Winnie Mandela.

Included among Dr. Asante’s stellar record of achievements are having published 77 books, all dealing with African history, accomplishments and culture. He is also recognized throughout the African world as the founder of the theory of Afrocentricity. In 1987 Dr. Asante created the first Ph.D. program In African American Studies at Temple University. He has been honored as a history maker with an archival interview in the Library of Congress.

In spite of his schedule which takes him around the world, Dr. Asante continues to find time to meet with and address members of the grassroots community. “To say that we are honored to have him as our guest speaker is an understatement,” says Betty Dopson, CEMOTAP co-chair. “We hope that families will come and bring their youngsters to see and hear this great man. Dr. Asante’ high school text book African American History: Journey of Liberation Second, second edition is being used in over 400 schools in North America.”

The event is Saturday, April 21st at 3:P.M. at the Robert Johnson Family Life Center at 172-17 Linden Blvd., St Albans, New York.

All people of African Ancestry are welcome.

Admission is free. Call 347 907- 0629.

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