Don’t Give Them Your Money This Juneteenth!

Don't Give Them Your Money This Juneteenth!

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Peace family, and thank you all for supporting the We Buy Black movement! We’re getting ready to celebrate 7 years of operations this Juneteenth, and we need to ensure everyone in our network is actually a part of our movement!

I know many of you can’t wait until Juneteenth to celebrate this day with family and friends.

However, I’ll like ask that you all take 5 minutes on this day and ask yourself “What’s the best way to celebrate Juneteenth?” Is it enough to have a cookout, light fireworks, dance, and beat the drum? What else can we do to celebrate our freedom from physical enslavement and bondage?

Many large corporate companies are finding ways to profit from our holiday, and sadly our community unknowingly are signing up as customers. Our enslavement has been layered, therefore we can be physically free, yet if everything we purchase is coming from outside our community, then we are enrolled in another form of slavery. Join our movement officially, and start converting your home with Black owned brands!

Join the Movement…Officially

Many of you have followed us for the last 7 years, yet you’ve never actually joined the movement. Join the movement today by replacing 6 products brands in your home with these Black owned and phenomenal products today!

Got Your We Buy Black Shirt?

I’m not asking you to wear this in public spaces to make a statement to “the white man”, I’m asking that you wear this to reach those with in our community. Assure them that the time is now that we must support each other.

Shop Black-owned for Father’s Day

It would be a shame if we spent millions of dollars shopping outside our community for Father’s Day on Juneteenth day. Here’s an all natural beard and body kit from Raymond King, a father, a husband, and a manufacturer of all Natural products since 1980!

Buy now!

Visit the We Buy Black website today!

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