Donald Trump’s Potent White Supremacist Message won Tuesday Night

Trump maybe on his way to losing the White House. But his white supremacist message won on Tuesday.

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Benjamin: “Even if Trump eventually loses the White House–which it now seems he will–Trumpism and American bigotry just got a big boost…How can so many white Americans fervently support such a vile sexist racist like Trump?”
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Tuesday’s 2020 Election results will make Donald Trump an even more dangerous threat to American Democracy that he already was.

Even if Trump eventually loses the White House–which it now seems he will–Trumpism and American bigotry–just got a big boost. The healing the nation desperately needs took a devastating blow because of the competitive nature of this crucial presidential race.

Ask yourself these two questions: what does it mean that this race between Joe Biden, and a morally repugnant reprobate like Donald Trump, is this close? What does this close race tell us about the “conscience” of white America and the racial divide?

Here is another question: how can so many white Americans fervently support such a vile sexist racist like Trump?

The answer to these questions tells us much about racism and white supremacy. But white America never honestly addresses their original sin of instituting the systemic racism that poisons the minds of millions of white people and damages the lives of untold Black Americans.

When Trump got his Electoral College win in 2016, many pundits, including some in the white progressive community, stated that Trump’s win represented a failure of Democrats to address the problems of the white working-class.

This faulty analysis was easier to tout than tackling the obvious racism that is the foundation of Trump’s message, which resonates with these bigoted white Americans. This argument failed to address the fact that Republicans have done even less for the white working-class. Moreover, what seems to have been forgotten here is that Black, and minority working-class groups, are worse off than those working-class folks in white America.

The events of the last four years, and Tuesday night, have clearly disproven this dubious perspective.

After the last four years, and all of his broken economic promises, how do these folks explain why Trump seems even more beloved now than he was in 2016, after everything that has happened? Are these poor white folks immune to the racism we have all witnessed over the last four years? Isn’t it clear they relish it?

If Trump was routed—as he should’ve been—it would’ve have been a damning repudiation of Trumpism, racism and white supremacy. Instead, many white Americans ignored the putrid racist, sexist, and xenophobic policies of Trump and decided to vote for him again.

In fact, it is evident these policies are what drove many of these white Americans to the polls to support their dear leader, who is keeping the only promise that they really care about: making America white again.

These white Americans don’t care about Trump’s dereliction of duty which has caused the deaths of 240,000 Americans, due to COVID-19. This is because they like the other things he has done like: child separation, putting babies in cages, building “a wall” to keep out Mexicans\Latinos, pushing for a Muslim ban, giving police a greenlight to brutalize Black people, attacking Democrat-run states and cities like New York, Portland, excusing murderous right-wing racist and murderers like Kyle Rittenhouse, and white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys, etc.

Regardless of whether Joe Biden ekes out a win, the message has again been clearly sent that millions of white Americans love Trump’s message of racial division. That is what Tuesday’s results illustrate. And the pundits who want to pretend this is really about white working-class woes are avoiding the screaming elephant in the room.

It is certainly true that many of these white folks have working-class problems. But these folks see these problems, like nearly everything else, through the racial prism.

These white Americans have always been taught to believe their economic issues are being caused by Blacks, immigrants, and non-white “others” who are either taking their jobs or mooching off of America, through Welfare, and other government programs. For decades, Republicans have pushed this racially divisive message to gain the support of these narrow-minded Americans.

Trump has run with this message on steroids and is much more belligerent in pushing the racial bias button for political expediency. Tuesday’s results prove a large swath of white America is still enthusiastically receptive to the message of racial division.

Donald Trump is the most outwardly racist, sexist, president we have had in the past several decades. How is it possible someone who has caused so much chaos, controversy, and division is still supported by so many Americans? How can these people support someone who has an official policy of putting children in cages and separating them from their parents?

The reason is simply racism.

These children aren’t white children. They are the children of the non-white enemy. They are the outsider “invaders.”

Usually, abusing children is considered so anathema that even hardcore criminals, and murderers, exact sometimes deadly punishment upon those who end up in prison for abusing children. Yet, many of these “sanctity of life” and “pro-life” Republican conservatives applaud Trump for his child abuse immigration policies, apparently seeing no contradiction.

These are the same prejudicial phonies who give us impassioned sanctimonious speeches about abortion and the need to respect human life.

Most vile male racists, like Trump, are also sexist as well. Trump has been credibly accused of sexual harassment and assault by scores of women and bragged on the infamous Access Hollywood tape that he loves to “grab” women “by the pussy.” Yet, some 54 percent of white women voted for him in 2016—when they had the chance to elect the nation’s first female president. Why did these white women vote for Trump?

Racism in America is deep.

Tuesday’s results should also be examined for what it means from the standpoint of white anxiety due to the darkening demographics of America. In another two decades, America will be a majority minority country. This has much to do with the white fear that underpins the support Trump receives.

Trump launched his political campaign for the White House by using the racist Birther conspiracy against President Barack Obama–with the spurious nonsensical claim that the nation’s first Black president was, somehow, not really a citizen. This was done strategically because Trump understood the angst many whites have regarding the changing color of America, which was heightened by Obama’s historic victory, and re-election.

At the end of the day, maintaining white racial rule in America is the primary reason these backward people support Trump. This is why they rail against immigration and stay silent while Trump separates families and cages babies.

Trump maybe on his way to losing the White House. But his white supremacist message won on Tuesday.

That reality means America is about to witness dark days of conflict—and violence—in the coming years.

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