Donald Trump’s Biggest Crime: Defying Results of U.S. Election

Trickster runs out of schemes

Trump. Natural born loser. Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flckr

Why aren’t half the world’s pundits screaming out loud? Forget the pardons or other ruthless nastiness for the moment, the predictable detritus from Trump’s final days. 

Bottom line: defiance of election results transcends all other Trump criminality by targeting the essence of republican government. Either the winning majority elects top leadership – or unimaginable chaos ensues. End of story. What else trumps this foundational value? Where are the street protests against this cosmic insult to our system? Why are so few even discussing punishment for this sin against democracy?

I understand that loser, blinkered Republicans, mesmerized by a demented, one-trick Svengali, question the 50 state legitimacy of an election that dumped their hero. Delusions die hard – and mourning an unexpected loss for them (since Trump guaranteed a win) – takes time. But what about everyone else who, like Biden, rather passively accepts abuse from a sicko president igniting the house of voting?

We could spend days unearthing, then nominating Trump’s worst crime against democracy, against the people and against America. Never has one smash-mouth, whining jackass gassed out more bad air (literally mal-aria) and more propaganda – blind to the “national interest.” It’s one thing for Trump to denigrate Fauci or Biden or Pelosi as they are public figures. But quite another to wage a war against the will and sovereignty of the people.

What is impeachment for, even late in the game, but removing a growing, rampaging cancer on the presidency? What informs a “high crime” if not destroying the very foundation of democratic representation? Along with treason, what better deserves instant disqualification and dismissal? In a rational, value-driven world, I figure five minutes for impeachment, then ten minutes for the Senate trial (they who scorn testimony, after all). And out the door. Let’s see if President Pence matches the blunders, defying a multitude by pardoning the miserable sucker? That would be high drama but with one benefit: further crushing the Republican Party.

Where are widespread calls to arms that defying a legitimate election qualifies as the crisis of crises? Short of something like nuclear attack or destructive terrorism, what’s a more direct assault than disavowing the bottom line: 50% plus one, either in the Electoral College or state voting? We know Trump refuses to understand germ theory, but simple math like addition, too? This is not partisan or ambiguous or some goofy, three-dimensional chess nonsense. Approved elections – not law or tradition or fancy words – alone make the people sovereign. Without that, all else is noise.

Thus, why don’t rational Republicans, Democrats and centrists yell to high heaven this cannot abide? Why don’t House Democrats (and everyone else) quarantine and assail Trump until he openly accepts the rule of the majority, especially since no Electoral College mayhem will save his lying ass this time. Trump says his presidential election (alone) is a crock: not just fixed but the “greatest rigged election in history,” even “the greatest fraud ever perpetrated”! You’d think the greatest fraudster in our history would not overuse the fraud card. All of America is shamed when an elected leader goes unpunished after such a betrayal. And Trump went on: “we will have to do it again and nobody wants that. We won’t know the results for days and months.” In fact, he dared to bellow an impossibility, we “will never know the true election result.” Well beyond too much.

All this from a loser who over four years never got a 50% approval rating. And now he’s put in his dismal place with more than double the three million 2016 plurality. What would slow down this conniver: a 20 million vote plurality and a 200 Electoral College vote drubbing? And yet Trump storms on, unimpeded by the media, sanity or political opposition. And don’t millions of his voters not cringe when their hero nukes majority rule? If this isn’t “infamy,” then the word has lost all meaning.

Forget the spewing forth of endlessly deceptive lies. Forget doing nothing for the average joe. Forget the billionaire tax breaks and crumbs for the peasants. Forget the abysmal choice of advisers who quit or got indicted or betrayed the country to serve a deviant autocrat. Forget he’s the worst campaigner in history, an incumbent stupidly pitching voters in the bag while driving away the mere 5% needed to win. Forget he’s wholly flubbed the worst public health crisis in a century – and still at it, with horrendous, mounting body counts. Push all that awfulness aside – and simply consider the inestimable damage from a president who craps on the process of his own empowerment – before, during and after he’s lost. Imagine the half wits who weeks ago would have stopped screaming, “I waz robbed,” when two-thirds of the country say, “get over it.”

I understand he’s too bonkers to accept losing, but all that requires is he shuts up. Two months is plenty of time for another impeachment – an aptly double blow to his ego. And perhaps Trump won’t challenge this one for then Pence could pardon him. That’s a win-win package millions accept: this clear, historic Trump conviction will establish what is beyond the pale.

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