Doing The People’s Work: Black Star News Endorses Jamaal Bowman

The Black Star News is proud to once again endorse Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons\YouTube\Twitter

Two years ago, the Black Star News endorsed a dynamic “speak truth to power” educator and principal from the Bronx to represent the 16th Congressional District in New York City: Jamaal Bowman.

Rep. Bowman was victorious over long-time incumbent Eliot Engel–and has not disappointed our faith in him. We only wish we had more like him representing us in the halls of Congress.

Since being seated, Mr Bowman has led with conviction and has demonstrated an unflinching unwavering commitment to serving the working-poor and marginalized voters from the 16 District who for so long have been crying for change in Congress to address the problems in the district. And it is now obvious to many that Bowman is the rare real deal.

In his first term, Rep. Bowman has brought over $200 million in aid to his district to improve infrastructure, healthcare services, expansion of mental health services, programs for seniors, and activities for the youths, among other things. Much of this money has gone directly to local organizations and non-profits. During the height of the pandemic, Mr. Bowman facilitated in the opening of vaccine centers and the distributing of PPE and testing kits.

As a former principal, Congressman Bowman introduced his Green New Deal bill for Public Schools. The legislation would invest 10 trillion, over ten years, into our public schools.

Congressman Bowman has introduced and authored a number of important pieces of legislation including: the Green New Deal for Public Schools, the Babies Over Billionaires Act, and a House Resolution condemning the Great Replacement Theory.

Bowman has, and is, fighting for affordable housing, affordable prescription drugs, the expansion of mental health services, disability rights, universal child care, violence prevention initiatives, voting rights, climate change legislation, etc.

Congressman Bowman is a champion of the progressive agenda that is so essentially necessary to move 21 Century America forward. In that respect, he is one of the few voices in Congress who shows that he not only listens to the voices of his constituents but is attuned to their needs and wishes.

Rep. Bowman has been tallying up endorsement after endorsement because working unions, progressive politicians and organizations, like regular working folk, realize the work dedication and commitment that Mr. Bowman has exhibited since being elected.

Congresman Bowman has been endorsed by organizations like: End Citizens United/Let America Vote, the Working Families Party, The Jewish Vote, Sunrise Movement, Community Voices Heard, Make the Road, NARAL, Brady PAC, the Council of School Supervisors & Administrators (CSA), NYPAN, NYIC, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Arab American Democratic Action Fund.

He has also been endorsed by politicians like: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson along with others.

Congressman Bowman has not only been talking the talk but he has been walking it as well. American politicians usually have a credibility problem regarding their inability to speak difficult truth at the most important times. Bowman has no such problem.

The Congressman, like the Rap pioneers from his Bronx hometown, always keeps it real, regardless of how controversial the topic. He is one of the few politicians that is an honest straight shooter who tells it like he sees it.

We need more like him doing the people’s work in Congress.

The Black Star News is proud to once again endorse Congressman Jamaal Bowman.