Documentary Exposing Uganda’s Killing Fields Airs Today

2016-12-09 07

Gen. Museveni — familiar salute?


Today in the United States “A Brilliant Genocide” the documentary expose of the U.S.-backed Ugandan dictatorship of Gen. Yoweri Museveni broadcasts on RT Television at 3:30 PM on Time Warner, Comcast, several other carriers nationally and satellite and also livestreams on

Gen. Museveni’s regime receives $750 million in US taxpayers’ money every year and weapons and military training even though his army has been implicated in several massacres in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan.

After watching this documentary viewers will understand better the massacre of as many as 200 unarmed people last month in Kasese by Gen. Museveni’s US-trained soldiers.

The documentary contains interviews with survivors of atrocities, including males raped by soldiers known to be HIV-positive, in a macabre campaign to infect victims.

Viewers will wonder why so many Americans know nothing about these atrocities — Museveni has been largely shielded by major corporate media for decades.

This is because tyranny (and the blood of millions of Africans in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and South Sudan) are good for corporate profits so long as the dictator allows unfettered access to resources.

This award-winning documentary by Australian filmmaker Ebony Atlanta Butler has shown @ several US Festivals.


To find out the broadcast schedule for “A Brilliant Genocide” or livestream see

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