Do Student Protests Threaten Biden’s Re-Election Chance In November?

By Colin Benjamin

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

The growing pro-Palestinian student protests rocking the nation (inflamed by violent police attacks on campuses) are going to have far-reaching consequences for America. One of them is this: the Gaza Genocide will be on the ballot this November—whether Democrats like it or not.

Will President Joe Biden lose in November because he refused to stop Israel’s far-right racist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from engaging in the ethnic cleansing mass murders of Palestinians?

That prospect (and not the killings of innocent Palestinian women and babies) is something Biden is probably having sleepless nights over. And, if Biden loses, which is more likely now as we move closer to November, he will have no one to blame but himself. That will be the consequence of ignoring genocide, and the voices of the American people, to serve the interests of AIPAC and the other donors who bribe American politicians with their blood money.

Biden is reportedly one of the largest recipients of Israeli lobby money covering the years 1990 to 2024. That fact tells us exactly why he is so morally compromised in failing to denounce genocide, while he shamefully attacks student protesters and gives grandstanding gaslighting speeches.

Last week, President Biden talked about the “alarming surge of antisemitism in the country, in an attempt to smear pro-Palestinian protests at universities, like Columbia. In his comments, he also gallingly said: “In recent days, we’ve seen harassment and calls for violence against Jews. This blatant antisemitism is reprehensible and dangerous – and it has absolutely no place on college campuses, or anywhere in our country.”

Do we really have to remind Biden he is funding a genocide that has already left over 34,000 Palestinians dead, even as stories are now being reported about mass graves at Gaza hospitals?

Moreover, despite all the US corporate media hype, where is the evidence Jews are being summarily attacked on college campuses, especially physically? Threats, and, obviously, any type of criminal assaults against anyone should not be tolerated whether Jewish or otherwise. But dishonest politicians who aid-and-abet ethnic cleansing have no moral standing to lecture us about “calls for violence” being “reprehensible and dangerous.” Not while these same policymakers are co-signing their consent to mass murder in Gaza.

Antisemitism is on the rise—but allowing a racist right-wing mass murderer to kill Palestinians indiscriminately will only inflame it. Moreover, if the anti-free speech “antisemitism” exception bill that the US House passed this week becomes law, antisemitism will explode here in America.

Does Biden understand by not taking a stand against Netayahu that he makes antisemitic claims of the Jews running the world appear real? Politicians, and corporate media, can obfuscate all they want, but it won’t change the fact that the whole world knows genocide is taking place in Gaza, against Palestinians, with the blessings of American bombs.

College students in other parts of the world are now following the lead of American students in denouncing Netanyahu’s butchery of Palestinian civilians.

The moral equivocating by President Biden, and Democrats, on speaking out against genocide, will likely lead to colossal disaster in November. Democrats already had a Muslim voter problem, especially in important states like Michigan.

But Biden now has a problem with pro-Palestinian college students who he is smearing in an attempt to silence them. These students will surely remember that come November—despite all the student loan debts cancellations the Biden White House has pushed.

Before Netanyahu, and his racist right-wing government, started to massacre Palestinians, Biden could claim the moral high ground in the impending battle for the White House against twice-impeached fascist wannabe dictator Donald Trump. But Biden has lost that moral high ground by becoming complicit in Netanyahu’s genocide.

Perplexingly, some can even argue now that Biden is a worst criminal than Trump. That is what partnering with a historic mass murderer (who is reportedly fearful of being arrested by the International Criminal Court) can do for your image. Of course, Trump is a fascist whose policies would surely give Netanyahu even more of a greenlight to continue murdering Palestinian civilians.

The American voters are faced with two troubling choices regarding who they should elect as the next president. Should they vote for a president that is arming a genocidal murderer, or do they vote for the twice impeached former president who tried to overthrow American democracy on Jan 6, 2021?

President Biden, and the Democrats, are hoping Americans ignore, or are ignorant, of their facilitation of Netanyahu’s genocide. They will likely try to scare voters about the real dangers Donald Trump presents.

The problem is many who would’ve easily voted for them must now deal with the reality that Democrats have aided-and-abetted the murders of thousands of Palestinians. How many more Palestinians will be dead by the November election? Will the pitch by Democrats be we are not as monstrous as Trump and his Republicans?

The blood money donations silencing Democrats will likely cause catastrophe at the ballot box come November. It should also be noted that between 2019-2020 Donald Trump was the third highest recipient of Israeli lobby money behind Georgia Senator David Perdue—and Joe Biden.

President Biden, and the Democratic Party, have already lost the Muslim vote. By their spineless actions lately they have now lost the student vote.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the primary candidates for the office of the American Presidency illustrate the crooked nature of American “democracy” which is tainted by big money. Neither of these candidates will do anything to stop the genocide in Gaza.

Perhaps this is the year we the people should seek a viable third-party candidate for president. Maybe Bernie Sanders?


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