Dick Gregory Was My Inspiration — Dr. Joseph E. Lowery


Dick Gregory. Source: Facebook

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Dick Gregory’s wife, Lillian, his children, and the entire family. We have lost a true warrior in our long journey towards justice.

Dick was not just a comedian, author, entrepreneur and a dedicated foot soldier in the Civil Rights Movement; he was a friend and will be missed by many. His unique brand of social satire helped opened the eyes of people of all races around the world.

Dick’s keen understanding of the need for Black people to have a voice led him to run for Mayor, President, and gave him the audacity to make significant sacrifices in his career in order to stand against, and call out hatred and oppression.

When the people asked, ‘Who will bell the cat?’ Dick Gregory answered the call.


Dr. Joseph E. Lowery is currently the chair of the trustee board at the Evelyn and Joseph Lowery Institute for Justice and Human Rights. Dr. Lowery delivered the benediction at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the nonviolent struggle for the causes of justice, human rights, economic equality, voting rights, peace and human dignity.

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