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Dhariana: “One thing I’ve learned from my mother is to apply myself; not to use negative words like can’t, won’t, fail.

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Where She’s From: Dhariana Lozano was born and raised in New York City. “One thing I’ve learned from my mom is to work hard, as cliché as it sounds,” the beautiful young model tells The Black Star News.

Dhariana attends the Fashion Institute of Technology, and is currently working on her Bachelors degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications.

Where She’s At: “I recently began modeling, in August of 2007,” she adds.

“I consider my career to be way in the beginning stage both modeling or business career-wise. As for my aspirations, in general I want to be able to live well, help my mom out, and be able to wake up in the morning to do something I love to do,” she continues.

“I hope to someday own my own business which is in the works right now, or enter the advertising world concentrating on fashion, cosmetics and fragrances, or even event planning or public relations.”

Dhariana has plenty of energy. “I have to be able to get everything done within deadlines at school, intern, model, maybe work a bit and somehow still keep in contact with friends,” she says. “It gets pretty hectic, but I enjoy being busy.”

Dhariana boasts good grades, and is working on her business plan right now. “It’s important to combine brain power and beauty because you don’t just want to be a pretty face,” she adds. “Being well-rounded makes you more interesting. Another reason is because not everyone is a good person, and you have to be smart enough to not be taken advantage of.”

So how does this young beauty prepare to step out.

“I can’t stand when people just wear things because of the name and not because it truly looks good on them,” she says. “Don’t get me wrong I love my designer things.”

Dhariana’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Mostly believe in yourself, try your best, and if something goes wrong don’t dwell on it just look for the next step or else you won’t move forward.”
Dhariana’s Secrets Of Success: “One thing I’ve learned from my mother is to apply myself; not to use negative words like can’t, won’t, fail. Always try, you never know what will happen.”
Dhariana’s Favorite Books: “Alek, by Alek Wek is the most recent book I’ve read and I loved it she is so inspirational. I always love inspirational stories and books that help you empower yourself.”
The Leaders That Have Most Inspired Dhariana: “My mother and my grandparents. They are leaders within the family, they’re the center of operations.”
The First Three Things Dhariana Would Do As President: “Make quality health care affordable for everyone since Americans don’t like the idea of socialized health care; I would try to fight poverty within this country. We have so much resources as a world superpower we should be able to help our own people; and, third is a toss up between the war and how to end it most efficiently and a plan for immigrants, they are truly the backbone of America.”
Dhariana’s Favorite Cars: “I absolutely want a Bugatti Veyron 16.4. It’s small, and cute but extremely powerful. I also like the Lamborghini Gallardo.”
Dhariana Favorite Entertainers: “Justin Timberlake. I’m a fan since age nine. I also really like Matisyahu, his music carries a different message than what’s mainstream; Sade; techno; I listen to about everything.”



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