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Ponder this: when have we ever seen any party, Democrat or Republican, attack a candidate running under their banner for president as Democrats have done so strenuously against Sanders?
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Former Vice-President Joe Biden’s strong Super Tuesday showing has resurrected his dying campaign and brought stress relief to America’s economic elites who fear Senator Bernie Sanders’ message of redressing wealth inequality.

The Wall Street wealthy are sleeping better since Tuesday.

Senator Sanders’ political platform has these repugnant people very fearful that a more economically equal America might be just around the corner. The fearmongering we’re seeing to stop Sanders by the corrupt corporate cabal—and their media mouthpieces illustrates the moral bankruptcy of these folk. We’ll get back to them momentarily.

Ironically, the people responsible for these wretched rascals now breathing a sigh of relief represent America’s most exploited and oppressed: African-Americans.

Since Tuesday, the talk has been about how Biden has bounced back buoyed by the support of Black southern voters. Indeed, Blacks have rescued the sinking ship of Biden’s campaign and given him relevance again.

As a Sanders supporter, Tuesday’s results were disappointing. However, given the precarious political position of African-Americans, Tuesday’s play-it-safe vote for Biden is understandable.

Black America’s support for Biden on Tuesday was not an irrational one given the state of affairs Blacks find themselves in. We suffer the most in bad and good political times. Many white progressives are now asking why Biden did so well with African-American voters?

There isn’t any single answer to this question. But here are some thoughts.

Let’s take one obvious reason: showing gratitude to Biden for standing with the nation’s first African-American President Barack Obama. White progressives should take notes here.

The smartest thing Biden has done so far in this campaign is to repeatedly evoke the name of President Obama like a chanting mantra. In many of the debates, where Biden’s debilitating rambling rhetoric was disjointed and discomforting, he nevertheless kept reminding Black America he was Obama’s faithful white sidekick for eight years. By doing this, Biden reminded Blacks he had Obama’s back during times when many whites were acting as if Obama was Satan incarnate sitting in the White House.

Blacks remember when racists were making veiled, and not so veiled, threats of violence—regarding assassination—against Obama when far too many white “progressives” were silent, while complaining that Obama wasn’t a progressive enough president on the issues. For all of Biden’s faults, and there are many, he can assert that he stood with Obama at a time when others didn’t fully support the Black president who faced virulent racism during his presidency.

So, every time Biden utters Obama’s name many African-Americans will feel somewhat indebted to him. Therefore, Tuesday was, in part, showing Biden gratitude for being faithful to Obama.

Unfortunately, many white progressives have not done the necessary networking needed to bridge the gap of understanding between themselves and Black America. Consequently, they have little idea of the traumatic anxieties Blacks face on a day-to-day basis that would lead them to be very circumspect about how they vote.

Something should be made perfectly clear here too: Tuesday’s results do not reflect a rejection of Sanders’ platform by Black voters. Any noxious notion making that argument should be challenged.

Black America faces the worst of America’s economic woes. All the indicators speak to that. Therefore, Sanders’ economic message of universal healthcare, free college tuition, a livable wage, etc. are, theoretically, supported by the vast majority of Blacks.

But the perilous economic situation of Blacks also makes them very cautious in their votes. They know in the worst of times they will be worse off than anyone else. Because of this, Blacks want to win politically more than others and have little margin for error in their decisions. The vote for Biden was a “safe” choice given those who opposed Sanders, particularly in the Democratic Party leadership.

This leads us to other despicable, disturbing, and sinister things, we must talk about that influenced Blacks and many other Democratic voters into backing Biden. Here we must return to the issue of media manipulation and political social engineering.

For some time now, it has been quite apparent that the Democratic Party leadership is doing everything in their power to wreck Sanders’ campaign. For example, early last year there were reports of secret stop Sanders meetings among the Democratic leadership, and their donor-daddies who buy their loyalty. At these meetings, strategies were clearly discussed about how to sabotage Sanders.

Therefore, we have to face this sobering situation: the corporate Democrats are just as invested in continuing wealth inequality as the Republicans they hypocritically criticize. As I’ve said before, these Democratic “leaders” would rather see Trump in the White House for four more years than see Sanders in it, because those who bulge their slimy pockets would prefer that outcome. Ponder this: when have we ever seen any party, Democrat or Republican, attack a candidate running under their banner for president as Democrats have done so strenuously against Sanders?

For example, since Bloomberg thankfully dropped out of the race, he has made it clear he will be spending millions to stop Sanders from being nominated. Of course, Bloomberg only got into the race to stop Sanders’ surging campaign to begin with. Moreover, while the Democratic Party establishment wouldn’t relax their rules to allow candidates like Cory Booker, Julian Castro and Kamala Harris to stay in the race they had no problem changing the rules for billionaire Bloomberg.

African-Americans, like other voters, are being sent a clear signal that Democratic Party leaders don’t want Sanders to be the nominee and have every intention of relentlessly attacking his character and campaign. Because of the way Sanders is attacked by these misleaders, many Blacks, and other voters who want a winning candidate, can’t be blamed for feeling it’s too risky to vote for Sanders. If the Democratic Party is trashing Sanders as bad, if not worse than Republicans, why should we be surprised that this would give many voters pause in voting for him?

The manipulation by the media is another thing to seriously analyze here.

Earlier this year, the great media watchdog organization FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Media) ran a story showing the litany of negative articles and columns that corporate media are disseminating to the public. Many of these stories echoed the same fearmongering arguments that Democratic Party misleaders are spreading about Sanders.

As the saying goes “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” Donald Trump has been known to call the media the “enemy of the people.” While Trump is a supreme hypocrite in disparaging media—especially, since the establishment press is the primary reason he sits in the White House—we should recognize the corporate press doesn’t operate in the best interests of the public at large. When Trump was running it would’ve been good if media had exposed his rotten history instead of treating him like a reality show rock star with wall-to-wall coverage.

Now, with Sanders, we see the exact opposite. The media, just like the rest of the elite establishment, are filling their airwaves and papers with “coverage” designed to stop Sanders’ momentum.

We should understand the historic nature of what we’re witnessing now: the whole crooked corporate establishment, including the mainstream media, and Democratic Party leaders, are fighting Sanders to continue America’s wealth inequality.

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