Death Of Dan Mutungi, Brother of Top Uganda General And An Opposition Leader David Sejusa


Dan Mutungi


RIP – Daniel Mutungi Bwajojo November 14, 1957–November 1, 2013

It is with great sadness that Freedom and Unity Front (FUF) has learnt of the tragic passing of Dan Mutungi, t…he brother to FUF member, General David Sejusa.

FUF expresses our sincere condolences and prayers to General Sejusa, his family and relatives in these very trying moments of anguish and pain.

We pray to the Almighty God to rest our late Brother in eternal peace.

We stand with and by you, our dear compatriot and freedom fighter, and pray that God give you, your family and relatives the strength to overcome this great loss.

The struggle for freedom is costing us dearly, but freedom shall come, as we get emboldened to fight undeterred against a brutal and repressive regime.

Professor Amii Omara-Otunnu

Chairman, Freedom and Unity Front (FUF)

November 2, 2013


Statement by General Sejusa:

My brother Dan Mutungi, was found dead in our father’s dam on the farm yesterday 1st Nov 2013. No one knows how he ended up there. This is a man who was a graduate of American University in Cairo Egypt.

In birth, he comes right after me. He was 56 years old having been born on 14,11, 1957.

What is certain is that he was under intense psychological torture since I left the country. And he did air out his frustrations.

I’m told the police are trying to establish cause of death. Whatever the outcome, the abusive nature of the Museveni government is squarely to blame.

I’m strong and firm. His death only gives me more resolve to ensure that we struggle to ensure our people live and die in dignity they deserve. That never again shall the state directly or indirectly be complicit in the killing of its citizens. That never again should Ugandans fail to return home to bid farewell to their departed ones. To this struggle I commit myself.

The truth will come out.

Inform all compatriots

God Rest His Soul In Eternal Peace

Solidarity and Hope

General David Sejusa


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