Day 32 Of My Fast: America Must Vote Out Super-Covid Spreader Donald Trump

Super Spreader
Super Covid19 Spreader Trump. Photo: Gage Skidmore.
The last day! The big day! History in the making! Thank God!
Of course I’m glad that I will begin chewing food for the first time in 32 days this evening, at 8 pm after the polls close in my home state of New Jersey. I will eat a steamed white potato, a carrot and some greens, all organic.
Much, much more important will be the initial voting results that are supposed to begin coming in around that time. Based upon what I’ve heard on CNN and MSNBC, by 8 pm ET, results coming in from Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, all states that could go either way for Biden or Trump, could well tell the story of who is going to win when all the votes are counted nationally days, maybe weeks, from now.
I hope that’s true. I hope Biden wins at least one of those three states. If he does, it’s game over for Super-Spreader, Mafioso Trump. He and the most rabid of his followers, of whom there are many thousands, may make their legal, extra-legal and violent efforts to void the results, but if it is a clear win for Biden, not a very close, just-barely win in the electoral college, I don’t think even the Amy Coney Barrett-included Supreme Court conservative majority is going to side with Trump.
I remember back during the Vietnam War there was a huge Supreme Court case that my late friend, mentor and constitutional lawyer Arthur Kinoy was involved with. It was during the Nixon years, and his Justice Department, under John Mitchell, was asserting President Nixon’s right to wiretap and surveil anyone he wanted to on the grounds of overarching Executive Power. The Supreme Court’s make up was similar politically to the current court, and people on the Left were very concerned about this decision. Surprisingly, when it came down it was overwhelmingly negative for Nixon and positive for basic constitutional rights.
There are some things that even Supreme Court Republicans will think twice before doing, and I think giving Trump the power of a King is one of those. We saw that earlier this year with the 7-2 vote telling Trump he needed to turn over financial documents to a New York federal prosecutor. And I think it’s likely we would see the same thing if Trump’s lawyers tried to get them to overturn a clear electoral college victory by Biden.
I hope it doesn’t get to that point. I hope that the mass, nonviolent demonstrations that are planned to begin tomorrow end up becoming celebrations of a Biden victory. Either way, I believe that there are good reasons to be hopeful on this huge, huge day. Power to the multi-racial, rainbow people.

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