Cuomo Wins Big at Party Convention –Challenger Nixon Vows to collect signatures


Cuomo exults.

Governor Andrew Cuomo won the votes of 95% of party members at the primary convention but challenger Cynthia Nixon who needed 25% to get on the ballot vowed to collect enough signatures to qualify.

Cuomo was endorsed by Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Govenor Cuomo’s challenger Nixon claims the incumbent tried hard to distance himself from his wealthy supporters in his speech.

Cuomo addressed the Democratic State Party today.

“The Governor’s attempt to reset his campaign this week failed,” said Nixon’s campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt. “His highly choreographed convention inflamed old divisions, and provided a series of bizarre, tone-deaf moments. Simply put, the Governor did little to push back on the growing realization among New Yorkers that he has more much in common with his wealthy Republican donors than Democrats.”

The Nixon campaign released a new video this morning highlighting the what it calls “numerous steps the Governor took to help Republicans maintain control of the State Senate, a claim the Governor tried to refute at the start of his speech today.”

Nixon’s campaign also released a series of fact checks throughout the Governor’s convention remarks, to set “the record straight on Cuomo’s claims that he’s been a good ally to women, labor unions, public school teachers, and the middle class.”

“Throughout his speech, Cuomo also repeatedly criticized President Trump, in an attempt to nationalize his race and distract from local failings, but the Governor has much more in common with Trump than he’d care to admit,” Hitt said.

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