Cordell Cleare Endorsed for N.Y. City Council Race by League of Conservation Voters

Ms. Cleare

Candidate Cordell Cleare. Photo: Cleare campaign publicity. 

The New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) announced their endorsement of Cordell Cleare for City Council District 9, which includes Central, East and West Harlem in Manhattan. 

The NYLCV is a non-partisan, pragmatic, and effective environmental organization that advocates for clean water, clean air, renewable energy, and open space through political action. 

The endorsement was announced today. 

“I am grateful for The New York League of Conservation Voters’ efforts to combat climate change in my community,” said Cleare. “When discussing environmental issues, we must remember that Black, brown, and indigenous people are often hardest hit. It is imperative that marginalized communities are represented and included in environmental justice campaigns. I’m proud to have advocated for our community to prevent lead poisoning and fight against the use of dangerous pesticides in public housing. I’m honored and thrilled to have the support of the NYLCV, and I look forward to working together to end environmental racism and to protect and improve our environment for Harlem residents and all New Yorkers.”

The New York League of Conservation Voters joins a growing list of community organizers, activists, and advocacy groups endorsing Cordell for City Council: Public Advocate Jumaane Williams; 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers; Community Voices Heard;Make the Road Action; NYC Kids PAC; and, Tenant PAC. 

Cordell Cleare is a Harlemite, experienced legislator, activist and organizer who wants to represent you in the neighborhood she has served with the utmost commitment for decades. Cordell’s activism began as a tenant organizer and as Chair of the New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning, where she fought hard to protect our children from the life threatening dangers of lead paint. For nearly two decades, she tirelessly served our community as Chief of Staff to Bill Perkins during his tenures in both the City Council and State Senate.

A co-founder of the Michelle Obama Democratic Club, she has represented us for many terms as our Democratic District Leader in Assembly District 68 and now in Assembly District 70. Previously, Cordell served as a member and then president of School Board 3 and also became President of Community Education Council (CEC) number 3.

Cordell was raised in Harlem and has lived there with four generations of her family. She is a product of the New York City public school system and has stood up on issues like food, environmental and racial justice. Cordell will work to create real affordability in housing, equity in education, healthcare and distribution of business opportunities, income equality and creating generational wealth.  

She is dedicated to preserving our families by focusing on job creation, career readiness, ending gun violence in our streets and domestic violence in our homes.  As our next Council Member, Cordell Cleare will continue to provide our community and our families with the fearless leadership and bold solutions we deserve.

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