Cops Who Assaulted Black Woman Over McDonald’s Cheese Slice Face No Accountability

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Laticka Hancock will never forget and perhaps never recover from the police assault that she experienced  as a result of an involvement that she had when she simply ordered a cheeseburger at McDonald’s in Butler township, near Dayton, Ohio.

Upon arriving home, she discovered that the burger was missing cheese, so she returned to McDonald’s with the receipt to have the order corrected.  She was told that she had to pay for the slice of cheese.  Ms. Hancock indicated that she had already paid for the cheese with her original order and refused to do so.  The store manager agreed to correct her order and settle the matter, but the cook took exception and an argument ensued.  The police were called.

Ms. Hancock waited in the parking lot for the police to arrive so that she could explain the matter to them. Obviously, she felt that the police would do what was needed to fairly settle the matter.

Two officers, Todd Stanley and Tim Zellers responded to the call from McDonald’s indicating that a woman was causing a disturbance and that they wanted her off the premises. The officers arrived and immediately sided with the McDonald’s staff.

When Ms. Hancock disagreed with the way she was being treated, officer Stanley escalated the matter by threatening to arrest her.  He then began to try to arrest her.  When he  told her to get on the ground she refused saying, “I  will not get on the ground so that you can kill me like George Floyd.”

Officer Stanley then began punching her in the face with his fist, bloodying her face by knocking her teeth loose, busting her lip and injuring her back.  During the melee a taser was pointed at her head with a threat to be used.

By this time, Ms. Hancock was fearful for her life,  crying, she kept saying that she wanted to return home to her six-year-old daughter.  This did not help as she was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Neither the arrest record, nor the police cam showed officer Stanley viciously punching Ms. Hancock in the face.

The report falsely indicated that Ms. Hancock was in her car.  The lying police officers felt that they had gotten away with their criminal behavior since the incident happened on January  16, 2023.

Fortunately, for Ms. Hancock, a bystander with a camera filmed the entire shocking incident and it went viral. Only this kept the assault from being swept under the proverbial police misconduct rug.  It seems that the police cam was tampered with as it did not show the assault on Ms. Hancock.

According to  Butler Police Chief, John Porter,   the police department needed a week to fully investigate the charges,  Porter said the two officers tried to de-escalate the situation with Ms. Hancock and noted that Butler Township officers are trained in de-escalation.

“We do not specifically train to punch in the face unless it’s a defensive tactic used in order for the officer to have some type of defense,” Porter said, while showing no empathy for the victim and repeated the claim that “the two officers tried to de-escalate the situation with Hancock.”

The Black community, is sick and tired of being sick and tired, and is demanding that both officers are immediately fired.

Sgt. Stanley is now on administrative leave with pay. Officer Zellers employment has not been affected.

Folks familiar with crooked law enforcement believe that Ms. Hancock probably saved her life by refusing to get on the ground.

Ms. Hancock has retained lawyer, Michael Wright, who was heard to say “ it doesn’t seem safe for Black people to eat at McDonald’s anymore.

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