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CoKo Pebblez: “I had no job, no money and no place to live. With help from God and the knowledge my mother instilled in me, I landed a job…�

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Where She’s From:
CoKo Pebblez, a Gemini, was born in Memphis TN and says she was “raised in the ghetto in the heart of the northern Memphis area” called the Dixie Homes Projects. “One of the most important things I learned from my mother is independence,” she tells The Black Star News. “She taught me how to be strong, how to do things on my own and to depend on nobody but God.”

Pebblez attended Wooddale High School and Southwest Tennessee Community College located in the eastern Memphis area. “I launched my modeling career three years ago,” she says. “I consider my career to be still in the early stages but at the same time semi-professional as well. My aspirations are to walk the runway for top high fashion designers and grace the pages of national and international magazines and to one day have my own denim, coat, and eyewear lines.”

Where She’s At: Pebblez is a very confident young lady but concedes that making her career move was still a challenge. “I relocated to another state to further pursue fashion,” she says. “I had no job, no money and no place to live. With help from God and the knowledge my mother instilled in me, I landed a job, found a place to live and continued to pursue my career in modeling. I had minimal furniture in my apartment and even though I was employed the salary wasn’t so great so there were times when I didn’t have enough money for food and gas and household supplies—I did have ambition and determination and my spiritual relationship with God.”

Her hard work and dedication paid off—she has worked for Budweiser, Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine, Crown Royal, Mahogany Magazine, Milky Way Hair, and Luster’s Designer Touch Products.

“It is important to combine brainpower and beauty because beauty doesn’t last forever,” she cautions other younger aspirants. “When it has faded you need that brainpower.”

So how does this ambitious young model prepare to step out? “I don’t have a favorite brand in clothing, shoes, or make-up, but as far as lotion, I love Victoria’s Secrets and their perfume called Pink. I also love Happy by Clinique and Summer by CK1. I love the smell of all three because the scents represent me; strong, sweet, and everlasting.”

Pebblez’s Words Of Wisdom: “Success lies in not being the best but in doing your best.”
Pebblez’s Secrets Of Success: “G-o-d.”
Pebblez’s Favorite Three Movies: “Grease, La Bamba, and Imitations of Life.”
Pebblez’s Favorite Three Books: “Best Kept Secret by Karen Larson Roby; Diary of a Video Vixen, and Vixen Diaries, by Karren Steffans.”
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Pebblez: “Martin Luther King Jr.,  Harold Ford Jr., and Oprah Winfrey.”
The First Three Things Pebblez Would Do As President: “End the war; release innocent people from jail; and, put discipline back in the school systems.”
Pebblez’s Favorite Entertainers: “My absolute favorite entertainers are Beyonce, Fantasia, Usher and Fabolous.”
Pebblez’s Five Favorite Websites: “Modelmayhem, yahoo, myspace, mediatakeout, and”

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