Classrooms Are Hot Political Battlegrounds, But That’s Not New

America's classrooms are a hot political battleground.

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(TND) — America’s classrooms are a hot political battleground.

That’s nothing new, though experts agree that the political debate around education has reached a fever pitch recently.

Adam Laats, a professor of education and history at Binghamton University in New York, said he’s been going through accounts from the 1840s about “really, very angry campaigns for parental rights in education.”

“School issues, fights about what kids should learn, how schools should be organized, those are a chronic condition for the United States,” he said.

These days, issues like critical race theory, parental choice, and transgender bathroom access pull schools into the political arena.

Experts say there are a number of factors that make schools uniquely “vulnerable” to being used for political arguments.

Laats said public schools are open to everyone, and they play an important role in imparting what it means to be an American.
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