Charter School Network Must Show COVID Safety Plan Says NYC Teacher

COVID Safety and Schools


A New York City teacher has created a petition demanding that Achievement First Public Charter take the necessary steps to ensure safety and protection against COVID-19 in the return to school.

Petition starter ARMS 001 says that, “According to the NY Times, Covid cases in NY have increased by 283% in the last 2 weeks. Yet, teachers are expected to get back into overcrowded and poorly ventilated classrooms. NYC, the DOE and Achievement First have all promised to increase testing and safety precautions but these promises have been empty in the past and they are empty now.”

They continue: “Our schools and classrooms are overcrowded and poorly ventilated which makes it impossible to safely social distance or perform sufficient contact tracing. We are overwhelmed, understaffed and unprepared to safely educate our students.”

Dyllan Moran of Brooklyn says: “Last year, we were given a clear threshold for when we would return to in-person learning (positivity rates < 5%). As case counts are rising, when will we be given clear parameters for how this decision is made?”

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