On the continent of rare jewels forged from the earth, I gained prosperity with my dreams.

Daybreak find me running without the love I knew the night before, with chains on my life.

The encounter has my soul reaching for hands that applied comfort in my eyes of sorrow. My mind is caught in a pendulum of rage that cannot escape the death of my thoughts.

The days have my nights calling for revenge to unleash the fury on the chains on my life. The abyss of the sea is catapulting each stripe my tears encounter with the sound of darkness. My punishment the captives say is heard in the fountain of their desires to make us humans.

I uplift my mind and see the generations of kings and queens of tribes that sustained humans. Connecting their whip with my skin, to brutalize my mind, my soul leads me to freedom.

Upon the shores of distant lands my walk is renewed with death for the process of time. Chains on my life told me I was guilty of living on earth with generations to follow in my footsteps.

Ropes of freedom became my intimate lover to hold me in the night, as the darkness unfolds Trapped on the land that my blood incarcerated, flights of inhumane torture lifted my cries.

Loud cries of education sealed me within the epitome of essence to behold my voice. The graveyard rebirthed me with the Wisdom of Solomon, and I soared beyond expectation.

Not known by the sound of my voice, I hear ignorance plotting to capture my calling. With my hands lifted up, I lift up the chains on my life for sounds of blackness. Creative writing and skilled in battle with purpose, I can’t breathe with soldiers caressing me.

In the darkness without warning, my life is laid to rest with Akai Gurley beholding my breath. I beheld my color and became afixated with beauty woven from the throne of grace. Esteemed with honor and clothed with majestic thinking, the hands of life resurrected our souls Carnage of affairs without warnings, I am propelled to mountains of breathtaking creativity.

I am a museum of natural history destined to cultural prominence within the earth. Time said I will be your satellite within the death of life to ensure your platform of living.

The chains on my life displaced my history only to restore me within the history of life.

Written by Theodore Mosley December 11, 2014

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