Celebrity Cruises: Everything you Need to Know before you Hop On


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The brand was started in 1989, where it had only one ocean liner that too refurbished. Now, the company flaunts a fleet of premium cruise ships that are known for its professional service and fine dining.

The list of services not only stops here and you will also get a range of premium amenities such as spas, butler service, speciality restaurants, etc. 

The fleet of Celebrity Cruises consists of some premium ocean liners such as Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Eclipse, etc. These cruisers come with all the premium amenities that will just enhance your cruising experience by manifolds. 

Why should you opt for Celebrity Cruises?

There are multiple reasons, but the most common ones are mentioned here:

Spa: The brand comes with its own AquaSpa, where you will get one of the best spa experiences. The service is widely acclaimed, and people actually consider it the best.

Interior: The interior decoration of the Celebrity ships is also very artsy. The cruises carry stunning and marvelous pieces of modern art that beautifully adds the charm to these ships.

Service: As the brand believes in having more staff than the customers, the services by Celebrity turn out to be one of the bests in the industry. Moreover, this is the reason why African-American celebrities opt for Celebrity cruise ships for their holidays. You can find names like Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Will Smith and many more. 

Dining: With a whole range of cuisine options, the Celebrity ships are considered the best in the dining experiences. 

Who should preferably hop on?

The poker cruise ships like Celebrity Cruises are a definite go-to place for everyone, such as singles, couples, group of travelers, poker lovers and more. The couples, generally above the age of 40, will enjoy the best here. The cruise can be the best place for people to get away from the city chaos & spend quality time alone or with family or friends. 

Moreover, there are also spots where you can dance on slow music after dinner with cocktails and a sophisticated atmosphere. Apart from that, thrilling activities and poker games are a fun experience, which must be given a chance once in a lifetime.

What is Good and Bad about Celebrity Cruises?

There are a few good and bad points that you should consider while opting for Celebrity Cruises. Moreover, you will be able to decide based on the requirements. 


  1. The cruise line is best to have if you want an upscale atmosphere at very good pricing.

  2. You are also not going to mind the extra money for a fine dining experience.

  3. The dining is going to be in almost all the fine restaurants around the sea. 

  4. Poker lovers who understand the game and are good at it can completely win the amount they are paying for the stay and more.


  1. You will need to remember the activities on your own as there will be no announcements. 

  2. If you are looking for loud games and contests, you will be disappointed here. These cruises are generally very quiet.

Things you should know beforehand

There will be an ample amount of space onboard but you may face huge crowds on some spots. As there are some more than 2000 people on board, you may get to stand in lines sometimes, e.g., while getting out on any port. Also, if you are on the cruise with your kids, you must know that these cruises don’t have various activities for kids. Even on the ships where there are kids programs, you will get that for limited hours. 

Above all, one thing that you must know that Celebrity Cruises is one of the best when it comes to fine dining or exploring offbeat locations of the sea. 


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