“According to the latest SSA data, the only group to experience real wage gains between 2020 and 2021 was the top 1%

Photo: YouTube

Rising wage inequality and slow and uneven growth in real (inflation-adjusted) hourly wages for the vast majority of workers have been defining features of the U.S. labor...

 “Insecurity” offers an unvarnished look at three women who have fallen through the cracks of America’s social safety net during

Photo: UN Women

New York, NY – Today, The Intercept released its third and final installment in a new video series called “Insecurity.” Created in partnership with the Economic Hardship...

Journalists should instead be asking if policymakers have the guts to serve those who bear the brunt of inflation

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell is profit’s prophet and the corporate media are his cultish devotees, joining hands to sacrifice working people. In this cult, profit is sacrosanct.


Black Americans are glaringly under-represented in the vital construction industry

Photo: YouTube

Coming off a successful midterm, President Joe Biden must follow through on a resolution to Black labor in the New Year. Specifically, he has to keep his promise to train and...


Adeola Adejobi, founder, Women of Color and Capital Conference (WOCXC).

First of all, if you want to follow your own dreams, never give a hater a second thought.

When Adeola first...

Meta has today (9 November) announced it is cutting more than 11,000 jobs, or 13% of its workforce.

Photo: YouTube

Meta has today (9 November) announced it is cutting more than 11,000 jobs, or 13% of its workforce.

The company is also cutting discretionary spending and extending...

Corporate greed is at a 70-year high and oil companies are buying back stock, not lowering prices

Photo: YouTube

As we enter the final week of the midterm election, voters are expressing deep concern about the state of the economy and inflation. They should.

Today, we live in an...

“Black American Employment...” We revisit that Report Brief here because the need to sound the alarm for Black labor is even mor

Photos: YouTube
In July 2021, released a Report Brief entitled “Black American Employment Representativeness.” We revisit that Report Brief here because the need to sound...

Are Black Americans’ lives more uncertain than those of White Americans?

Photos: YouTube

Economics is huge on uncertainty. Some of the most highly praised economists have explored the topic.[1] Importantly, most widely used quality-of-life indices reflect the...

One hundred forty years ago, Labor Day was born and bred in New York City.

Photos: FacebookYouTube

For many, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer — a day for parties, going to the beach, and cookouts. For others, it’s a day for sales and back-to-school...

We must find ways to rebuild trust in each other and in Black banks.

Photos: YouTube

Banks have long been at the heart of economic development. Consider, for example, American Western movies and television programs that chronicle the westward expansion. When...

We concluded that today’s US economy operates on the “greater fool” principle

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Under which economic system do we operate in the US: Capitalism, Socialism, a hybrid of the two? Economists can debate this question, but we sought to comprehend not the...

unless there are jobs, do not expect Black Americans to move to ‘Shabazzland’

Photos: Black Economics\YouTube

We finally heard our co-contributor, Lindsey “Rob” Robinson, who voiced repeatedly, “Black Americans move mainly for one reason: Jobs!...

A Black American nation state should reflect a mindset of meeting the needs of its citizens

Photos: YouTube

Central to the idea and cherished hope of Black American (Afrodescendant) nation state formation is forging an effective and successful economy. How can this be achieved?...

 Due to the pandemic outbreak, global gross domestic product declined by 6.7 percent in 2020.

Photos: Unsplashed\Claudia Jeffrey

The outburst of COVID-19, which is marked as a “black swan” event - had a devastating effect, not only on the health of the people, but also affected the...


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