Camille Rose Naturals: The Billion Dollar Black-Owned Beauty Brand

Photos: Camille Rose Naturals

Janell Stephens is the famed Founder of Camille Rose Naturals who built a worldwide beauty empire that positioned her as the leader in natural hair, bath, & beauty.

Featured in Essence Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, WWD, Janell is pushing the boundaries in the sustainability realm of beauty. The recent launches of Camille Rose FACE and Camille Rose HOME further position Janell and her company as a complete lifestyle brand.

Created initially as a means of curing the eczema of her five young children which started on their skin and resulted in severe dryness of their hair… the brand quickly became proof of what a sharp businesswoman could accomplish when she devoted her time, energy, and resources behind something she is passionate about.

Janell is a popular entrepreneur and lifestyle expert with her brand and name recognition in the beauty industry, seeing unprecedented growth over the last few years as she fully embraced her blessed fate as the face of not just Camille Rose but also the entrepreneurship, natural hair care, and clean eating movements.

After launching a website to support the sales of the eczema creams she created, Janell immediately saw an explosion amongst her multi-cultural demographic and soon after created and released additional products including Moisture Milk (hair conditioner), and her most popular product to date the Almond Jai Twisting Butter (Hair styling Butter).

Camille Rose transcended the online retail space when the products became available at over 100 Target stores nationwide.

A plethora of retailers followed suit with the brand now being available for purchase in over 300,000 total locations in national retail chains including Ulta, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sally’s Beauty, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and CVS locations across the US. Camille Rose is also a global platform with the brand being launched around the world including the UK, Africa, Brazil, and Ireland to name a few.

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