Bwana Mitt Romney: Welfare-Craving Blacks Should Vote For Obama

The former Bain Capital CEO raked in millions while laying off workers; Bain didn’t employ a single Black executive.

 [Black Star News Editorial]

Earlier today Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP’s annual convention in Houston and said what he thought were the right things.

evening, at a fundraiser, he reacted to the boos after he said he would
eliminate ObamaCare by telling a pool reporter:  “Remind them that if
they want more free stuff from the government tell them to vote for the
other guy.”

This is the true Mitt Romney. Demonizing the entire
Black community because the NAACP audience dared to boo some of his
comments instead of treating him like the Great White Bwana.

former CEO of Bain Capital who raked in millions of dollars while
laying off employees outsourcing American work to foreign countries. His
beloved Bain Capital didn’t employ a single Black executive.

He boasted of his 25 years “as a successful business”; when in fact, his business experience was essentially cutting jobs.

there he was addressing an organization whose mission it is to improve
the lot of African Americans, claiming to his audience that he felt
their pain. His audience was polite and people tolerated Romney when he
sounded reasonable. All the politeness and any points he believed he had
scored will evaporate once word spreads about the “more free stuff”
comments Romney made tonight.

There was nothing radical in
anything Romney said in Houston. Most of his appeals were text-book
predictable: He knows Black folk are enduring the brunt of the economic
slowdown so he made sure he mentioned the 14% unemployment rate for the
African American community; he also spoke of expansion of charter
schools and educational opportunities and taking on the teachers’
unions, as if anyone can out-do what President Obama has done on that
front; and, he also knows the anger over the president’s remarks
supporting same-sex marriage, so he made sure to say he would support
“traditional” families and marriage.


If Romney was a serious man he would have
addressed the issue of voter suppression through the ID laws being
pushed by the Republican machinery to  suppress the Black vote. The IDs
Republicans are pushing for likely won’t be acquired by many voters
between now and November. Take Philadelphia for example, which has a 44%
Black population; 18% of the potential voters don’t have the type of ID
that would be required for them to vote in November. A Republican
operative has already declared that the voter ID laws will deliver
Pennsylvania with its 20 electoral college votes into the Romney

Romney spoke about being
pro-business and free enterprise, as if this was something alien to
President Obama. In fact, businesses have enjoyed record tax cuts and
corporate America enjoyed record profits once the recovery, now slowed,
begun. It’s infantile to speak to African Americans in that manner. The
audience does not buy into that imbecilic Tea Party notion that
President Obama is a Socialist.

Romney spoke of building the
oil pipeline from Canada and that this would create one million new
jobs. Even if this was true, he spoke as if a significant proportion of
those million new jobs would automatically go to African Americans. He
did not say anything such as guaranteeing that a specific number or
percentage of the jobs would go to African Americans; very condescending
and meaningless.

In addition to the boos for vowing to eliminate ObamaCare, Romney also heard it when he
claimed that if the audience wanted a President who will make things
better for African Americans “you are looking at him.” Remarkably,
probably confident that he was creating invaluable sound bite and video
footage, continued, “Take a look.” 


“Speaking Truth To Empower.”

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