Bronx Food Delivery Program Holds Event For Seniors, NYCHA Residents

Bronx Rising Initiative yesterday launched a food insecurity initiative

Photos: Bronx Rising Initiative

The Bronx Rising Initiative, a program of the nonprofit Oyate Group, is dedicated to providing and distributing critical resources across the Bronx in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s disproportionate impact on the borough.

Known for vaccinating over 20,000 people across the Bronx, BRI’s successful initiatives include conducting door-to-door outreach in NYCHA housing to fight vaccine hesitancy, hosting pop-up vaccine sites at NYCHA community centers, Bronx charter schools and on populous streets, offering scholarships to local youth headed to college and now a food insecurity initiative.

Bronx Rising Initiative yesterday launched a food insecurity initiative as a response to the pressing need to address food insecurity caused by the pandemic, economic hardships and food deserts, with a particular focus on seniors and families living in NYCHA. Partnering with GrowNYC and community leader Emmanuel Martinez, BRI kicked off their Fresh Food Fest delivery program Wednesday, Oct. 6 by delivering food to NYCHA’s Bailey Houses residents. The initiative will continue to deliver fresh, local produce to Bronxites in need on a weekly basis.

As part of their new program, BRI has also donated $20,000 to support Graham Windham’s food insecurity initiatives, enough money to provide almost 800 bags of food to those they serve through the end of the year.

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