Breonna Taylor: Kentucky AG Uses Prosecutorial Defense to Exonerate Police Murderers

Worse of all, this perverted decision was delivered by a man with Black skin.

[Breonna Taylor\Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron]
Benjamin: “Cameron, another Black Republican ass-kissing bootlicker, gave us a lot of disingenuous slick talk—while employing the Bob McCulloch strategy: using the grand jury process to distort justice and protect murderous police officers.”
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Wednesday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron hid behind a Louisville grand jury to exonerate the killer-cops who murdered Breonna Taylor.

Cameron made it clear Taylor’s Black life doesn’t matter to him.

Since we know a grand jury can “indict a ham sandwich,” it’s obvious Cameron decided these murderous police officers would not even be indicted. Cameron has now paved the way for these reckless murderers to face no accountability at all for taking Taylor’s life.

Worse of all, this perverted decision was delivered by a man with Black skin.

This miscarriage of justice that Daniel Cameron presided over should sicken fair-minded Americans. One officer, Detective Brett Hankison, was charged on “wanton endangerment” charges—for firing shots into the walls and homes of Breonna’s neighbors. Nowhere was Breonna’s name even mentioned in the charges filed against Detective Hankinson.

Apparently, firing shots into the body of this Black woman warrants no charges.

Cameron, another Black Republican ass-kissing bootlicker, gave us a lot of disingenuous slick talk—while employing the Bob McCulloch strategy: using the grand jury process to distort justice and protect murderous police officers. Like McCulloch (during the sham Michael Brown grand jury, and his defense of Brown’s murderer officer Darren Wilson) Cameron’s comments were in fact a prosecutorial defense of these murderers in police uniforms.

It should go without saying that this is peculiar and highly irregular for American prosecutors who usually vigorously prosecute the accused, not defend them. Indeed, prosecutorial defense is an oxymoron, except when it is being used as a tool to subvert true justice, especially as it relates to aiding-and-abetting criminal cops who kill Black people.

During his press conference, Cameron clearly was showboating for his Republican handlers. Let’s not forget he spoke at the recent Trumpian Republican Convention. No doubt his devious performance was pleasing to his de facto boss Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

Early on, in his statements, Cameron said, “As long as the case is making its way through our legal system, I can only speak in general terms about our independent investigation and findings. As the prosecutor, I am prohibited by the Kentucky rules of professional conduct from making public comments that could in any way prejudice this case as it moves forward.”

But a couple minutes later he declared “Evidence shows that officers both knocked and announced their presence at the apartment. The officer’s statements about their announcement are corroborated by an independent witness.”

First, aren’t his public comments here prejudicing the case in favor of police? And exactly what “evidence” is Cameron talking about? The evidence he won’t tell us about, beside insinuating we should be satisfied with the police lies—and this lone witness, who is contradicted by multiple other witnesses?

New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi basically asked Cameron if this sole witness was sufficient given the circumstances. He responded saying “the more pertinent question is what was the evidence provided to the grand jury? What was sufficient for their purposes?”

Note the level of deviousness here. Why is Cameron acting as if he had nothing to do with providing said evidence to this grand jury? Moreover, if it wasn’t sufficient for him why would he speak in a way affirming this “evidence” by the same police who murdered Breonna, and a lone witness while talking about “our independent investigation?”

And where is this case “moving forward” to, since Cameron has used his position to protect the police from facing criminal charges? Are we to think Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr would allow the Department of Justice to look into civil rights charges against any police officer?

Another highly objectionable statement, among many made by Cameron, was this “I think it is worth repeating again that our investigation found that [Sgt. Jonathan] Mattingly and [Det. Myles] Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after having been fired upon by Kenneth Walker.”

Here, we see Cameron blaming Walker for Breonna’s death because he fired on the unknown assailants who were breaking into the apartment he lived in with Breonna. This is despicable. Cameron is telling us we should accept the police narrative, and that of the one witness—who is contradicted by every other witness.

Cameron also made this interestingly telling comment “There’s no conclusive evidence that any bullets fired from Detective Hankison’s weapon struck Ms. Taylor.” Why did he use the words “conclusive evidence?” We should ponder that in relation to this comment he also made “the KSP and FBI ballistics analysis reached different conclusions, creating a reasonable doubt in the evidence about who fired the fatal shot.”

What are these “different conclusions?” Cameron’s wording here gives us hints that there were “conclusions” which probably showed Hankinson—who fired some 16 shots—did indeed hit Breonna. So, here Hankinson is likely being protected from more charges.

Cameron claimed “KSP ballistics analysis did not identify which of the three officers fired the fatal shot. After receiving that information, I asked the FBI crime lab to conduct its own analysis to see if they reached the same results. The FBI ballistics analysis concluded the fatal shot was fired by Detective Cosgrove. There was nothing our investigators could point to, nor anything provided by the respective agencies that directly explains why one lab made the call while another did not.”

Here he tells us the FBI fingered Detective Cosgrove as firing the fatal shot but somehow the local authorities just couldn’t assess who fired the fatal shot, hence Cameron says there is “reasonable doubt.”

He wants us to seriously consider the conclusions of local authorities, who have lied from the beginning. We’re supposed to believe them and not the FBI.

Cameron’s press conference was filled with nothing but excuses, half-truths, and plain lies. What he has done here in subverting justice in Breonna’s case is a prime example of why Black America must pay attention to those who seek our votes to be local prosecutors.

Cameron has just been voted into office. Therefore, this disgrace will likely be there for the next couple years.

Because of Cameron’s dishonesty and lack of integrity some white people will argue racism played no role in this appalling ruling. They will tell us this because Cameron has Black skin.

Daniel Cameron, like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, represent those selfish Blacks who will do anything to advance their own personal career ambitions regardless of who they hurt.

Senator Scott was used by Republicans to advance a toothless police bill—so they could ignore the much more comprehensive George Floyd Policing Act. Because Scott also has Black skin, Republicans claimed Democrats were not negotiating in good faith to pass meaningful police reform legislation.

Cameron’s performance Wednesday should be examined in a similar light. Cameron’s massa, McConnell, Thursday spoke out on the U.S. Senate floor about the violence that occurred after this miscarriage of justice in Lousiville. But he ignored the racist police violence that took Breonna’s life.

This is where we are in America in 2020.

This is also why Black America must become even more involved in fighting for justice. In a matter of weeks, the 2020 Election will be here. Black Americans must turnout in massive numbers to spur change. In fact, some of us should think seriously about voting in person, in spite of the dangers of COVID-19, if possible.

Beside voting out racism from office, we must vote against unethical prosecutors, like Daniel Cameron, who seek careerist advancement off the blood of Black people like Breonna Taylor.

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