Bracketology 101


First fours have been decided and all bracket deadlines have come and gone.  Gone too…at least for the next three weeks…is overall productivity at the workplace.  Seriously though, several studies have been done to prove this phenomenon.  Anybody in the workplace…from noisy construction sites to educators monitoring hallways during class breaks to attorneys on recess from court proceedings…knew this was the case long before someone had the idea of making it scientific. 

Whether an active participant or spectator, we all have firsthand experience of how quickly a work related matter can evolve into a conversation on bracket status…

Just as it is at the beginning of every sporting season….things are looking real good on my end right now….where things end up, remains to be seen.  Every year there are a few things guaranteed to throw me for a loop….add in an occasional certified stumper…and it all equals a night of cramming that would make a college student take note:

Nothing gives me fits like trying to decide between a number 8 and number 9 seed…this set-up automatically makes it mandatory to play more than one bracket…so you can select 8 on one and 9 on the other of course…..

History absolutely can not be discounted…but should it be?  If memory serves correctly a number 1 seed has never been upset by a number 16.  I’m betting Hampton’s Pirates and other 16 seeds are hoping to start a new trend in that category….

Although we’ve seen more than our share of 5 seeds rocking the worlds of 12 seeds…. a quick look at the Arkansas vs Wofford matchup and the notion seems a bit farfetched…

I always find myself wishing I’d stayed up until the wee hours to see more west coast games….how else could I give the likes of teams like Oregon a fair assessment?  As long as the sun sets in the East and shut out remains a must in my life, I’m gonna have to lean on word of mouth and take Arizona deep in my brackets….

Basing decisions on heart versus mind is not recommended.  Under no circumstances do I ordinarily cheer for Notre Dame…yet, the manner in which the Fighting Irish won the tournament title in one of the premier basketball conferences, the ACC…was deserving of my respect, I guess….

This year has definitely presented a stumper.  How in the world can the Kentucky Wildcats be denied what has begun shaping up to look like their coveted place in history?  We all know, any team can be beat!  In that regard Kentucky is no different than anybody else.  However, I’m more than convinced that if they bring their A game and their opponent brings their A game…Kentucky’s will come out on top.  The other team would have to hope Calipari’s crew shows up with less than what they’ve shown us this season.  That in itself presents the biggest head scratcher of all….it is quite difficult to get a squad full of McDonald’s All-Americans to have an off night on the same night! 

Looks like we’ll have to sit back and see!  Good luck to all of the teams…but most of all to the University of Oklahoma…Boomer Sooner!!!


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