Book Publisher Seeks Submissions From Veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan Wars




Prashanti Press seeks submissions from veterans of the wars in Iraq and/or Afghanistan for a short anthology intended for publication in 2014. Submissions may include short fiction, essays, poetry, photographs, drawings, or paintings.

We deeply respect our veterans and believe that your stories need to be heard. We intend to create an anthology that gives voice to your experiences during and after your service to our country. We want to help you tell your stories and share them with a wider audience. We welcome authentic voices, true stories, and honest reflections that emerge through visual media or the written word.

We also welcome fictional renderings that get at a deeper truth of your experiences. We will also consider contributions from spouses, siblings, parents, or friends who have been directly touched by a veteran’s life.

This upcoming anthology will be the first installment of a new series of publications called Prashanti 10. Today, art must find new modes of expression, innovative ways that allow people to experience what it is to be human differently than in the past. New forms of art surround us every day—candid photos on instagram, funny videos on youtube, meaningful statements on billboards, graffiti scrawled across a wall, haiku-length tweets.  Art emerges everywhere and in an instant.

Prashanti 10 seeks to connect with that creative impulse, and craft short works presented professionally on specific topics of current interest.  This anthology of works by veterans of the current wars is our first publication in this series.

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Email questions to: [email protected]


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